Wednesday, September 29, 2004

the flower died

yesterday was a packed day... went to watch Saved...(which had mandy moore!!) wif dila.. we went to CWP cos ere wasn't any video rental shop around our neighbourhood... had a late lunch while i kept dila occupied with the "how many petals around the rose" puzzle... kept her occupied for most of the time... haha... den we went to the library cos we needed to kill more time... so went to read the book which had the tarot, palmistry and sun sign in it... so read out own, her fwens... den we read abt the palmistry... attempted to read our own... den we watched the movie...

i still thought tat it shld haf jus been a NC-16... i mean, there was much tot for the younger generation to think about in the movie... okie, so ere was fondling of boobs and the (in)famous romp in the car... but still, it was more of critical religion thinking... oh well... i liked the movie... even IF mandy was a bitch... which dila kept stressin... haha... so then i msged sri wonderin when we can meet since she wanted sum help for the mix plan... but her phone was switched off.. so walked around and dila bought a card for her manager who was leaving... den she decorated the stuff till it was well, decorated... hahaha... we moved from the fountain to McD... ere, it was only 4 of us... den ppl kept streaming in... dila was off wif her scandal... so i was ere all alone... feelin pretty bored and stuff.. i wld haf left if sri msged me earlier la... den tis girl lili came... and after shyly wanting to talk to me and not..we did make small chats... i guess since she was the only one talkin to me, we chatted... no thanks to ma fwen who abandoned me and left me all alone... heee... at least i kinda felt not so lonely anymore... so i kinda stayed till about 10 plus when they left to head back to pastamania... god knows where dila was so i walked wif lili... said good bye to the both of them... wld haf stayed if dila asked but onli lili did... muahaha... so i left... and i didnt know jacky or anyone else too.. haha.. oh well... slept all the way.. i dunno... seems as if i'm always tired the past few days... i haven't slept late for abt 3 day already... reached home and just fell into ma bed...

woke up to the morning calls of the dam renovation works again at exactly 10am.. sheesh... so tried to fall asleep but failed and went online... though kinda fell asleep on the table for a while... haha... den went to skol... i dunno... on the way to skol, it seems as if did sumthin bad... i dunno... jus as if i felt insecure... like i did sumthin wrong like tat... heard ma 2 grp mates havin a quarrel... haiz... hope they're doin better now... oh well... met sri to collect the form... gonna do ma journal now... dvd class was bad... me and viveinna jus slacked and didnt do our work... haiz... went for HI Club meetin after ma class... so passed ma baby 300D to nur to borrow and use till friday... went straight home... and fell asleep on both ma rides... i cant believe i fell sleep at kovan and woke up at sengkang wifout even rememberin hougang... so yea... reached home... had ma dinner of the usual fries and chicken... will do ma journal... oh yea, as i was walkin to the mrt train... i glanced to the left and saw a few flowers dying and i felt even more insecure... wat if the dying flower had some meaning... haiz...

Monday, September 27, 2004

here we go!!!

hmmm, *thinks for a while*, oh yea, went to watch VIA 4( or was it 5??) at the esplanade library. met up wif duck and nas. passed her back her towel which was under my custody for god knows how many months... we den had cotton candy before they left and i met the whole of Comic Strip. Went around esplanade taking pictures of them for our CD cover later on.. basically spent the whole evening till late night takin pictures of them. met Ian and he and sri talked while the rest made a fool of themselves and havin fun... haha... quite cute la they all... (i know 1 person who will see different meanings... *winks*)

thye kinda wanted to leave early, so me, sri and kamal hung out at sembawang to accompany sri's sister who was studyin... since i had time before i met dila, i went to Mc wif them... den went to meet her... waited for everyone at her work place to finish and we all left the place... got the choc thingy & 2 drinks... kept me quiet for a while... hahahaha... caught the last train. and for the first time since a few weeks, i walked the right way and didnt end up at the wrong exit from her neighbourhood... haha... felt so proud of myself... hahaha... chatted on the phone till late and ma fwen msged me abt meetin to pass me ma stuff tat i'm supposed to get printed. we met in woodlands since she lived near ere anyway...


dila called to wake me up when i didn't call her at 10... haha... i was awake, jus told myself i cld do wif 10 more minutes... honest... hahaha... so yea, went to work wif her, den i went up to courts for a while to check the camera tat she wanted to get... was at the library when she called again tellin me she's kinda done with work cos she forgot to bring her work pants... and ere she was on the bus ride to work sayin she felt lazy and didnt want to work... hmmmm.... hmmmm... heee

we kinda re-met and went up to courts to check out the IXUS 430. the salesman was darn friendly!! (aka mean to dila)... i felt bad.. i really did, cos ere we were makin her feel like an idiot... i mean, i felt bad... tag teaming wif the salesguy and talkin camera stuff... jus cldn't help it... sorrie girl.... we then went home... as i reached home, ducky msg askin if i wanted to study or not... so yea, went to meet up wif her... met at coffee bean... though i was ere for a while b4 she asked if i wanted to watch a movie...haha... so much for studyin... watched The Great Challenge... for u guys who are interested in story line, tis is no movie for u... but the action was packed... ducky who wanted to watch it was bored to death... hahaha... anyways, den she bought a top at fox after an unconvincing attempt to tell herself she shld not get the top... so went home.. den finished up ma work for the COC wif chun foon.... in between dila kept me awake after not much of sleep the nite before...

basically, we took a few more pic in skol and uploaded it to the website... den completed it and i jus realised i haven't seen the finished project cos I edited the pic as he upload and did the site... den went for the BHE test and i passed it!!!! got 31/50... not so bad la... considerin i didnt even studied it... minues the fact tat i didnt buy the book... haiz, i'm gettin worst... sighs... den met ziyana to collect the flyers... spent the evenin at woodlands library till ma eyes cant open anymore... though it was only at 5.30... still sleepy... haha... so slept all thru the journey... and watched tv... i jus realised tat i only watched tv on mondays.... haha... oh well, nuthin to do...

Friday, September 24, 2004

2 updates in one dae???

haha, tis is the 2nd part from where we left... had ma sign lang class todae... only 5 ppl turned up.. sighs... oh well, no matter... haha..after tat, we went to al-amin to eat... me, jia ting, edmund, erm, apple(serene) and "p star"(i forgot how to pronounce her name, only remembered her sign name)... ate ma $5 chicken murtabak, 2 prata kosong and 'p star' 's seafood fried rice which was bery tasteless... i just learnt tat wif a long cherry stalk, u can tie 2 knots wif ur tongue... hahaha... jus did tat jus now... went home from ere... i actually did ma journal!!, kinda helped dila wif her memo assignment... more of we got sidetrack to makin a long poem which dun rhyme and i guess it was more of a lettin out(as she put it, well i say tat too la) poem than anythin... weird how lookin at the moon or wat ever she saw was the moon could bring out such beautiful prose...

oh well jus added a tag board... yeay!!! haha... i cant sleep already cos want to make it on time for lionel's class... hahaha... poor guy, havin his appraisal and ppl are mostly gonna be late and all... as usual... haha...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

as i walked along the block

i believe that half the population of block of 162 in punggol was given ADT stickers... I was walkin ard my block and i realised that half of it had the blue sticker pasted on their door way... haha... only 1 malay house had a home security system and one more chinese house which actually had intercomms... haha... the rest jus had stickers... haha...

den yesterdae went to the the dvd class late again... managed to cramp 2 week of work into 1 hour... haha... woah...went home after tat... den wen to visit ma mom's fwen's dad's funeral... so went just to check if stuff are present ard tat house or not... haha... den went home wif ma nyayi... for the first time, i'm bloggin in skol... haha

gotta go for ma sign lang class and the lab's closin

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i forgot to post for sundae

haha... as i was readin ma blog(yes i do read my own to check for non-sense stuff which i posted wrongly and stuff, i realised i forgot sunday's post....

dahlia msged me askin if i was goin to ma teacher's gatherin.. i was like if u're goin, i'll jus go la... so i met her and her mom b4 we went to ma teacher's place... we both dunno anyone else besides her husband and her... so not so bad la tat we went together... we caught up basically... wats been happening, and again, i forgot she's from ITE dover and not NYP... kept thinkin she was from there... anyways, den asked if dilah wanted to go home together and we met... though she was complaining abt her smelling of pasta or sumthin like tat...

i learnt tat with time and distance, we can always learn to let go... i finally let go, though i still felt sumthing, i let go. i didn't go crazy and all. we just were lost friends.(and no, the poem has nuthin to do wif me lettin go nor the person i let go)

Monday, September 20, 2004

An Outcry. My Outcry

As I look up and watched the star filled sky
I feel you as i imagine you taking me with you to fly
Yet I want to stay rooted, I want to be grounded
I haven't been hurt nor have i been wounded
Nor have i suffered much loss and sorrow for death

Yet, I stand in the middle, wanting to be a friend
Wanting to be more than a friend, wanting that
which i do not know if you feel the same want
Yet I stand, with each passing day,Yet I slip

I delude myself that you might have something
I delude myself that you treat me more than a friend
I delude myself that I'm not a one off or a fling
I delude myself that I'm climbing higher and not on the descend

Yet I delude myself for you never said anything
How could I say these when I know not for sure
As I hang my hopes all on a fragile string
Answers I'm not looking for, the question was never a lure
for me to ask, better to feel and lose than to lose than feel

And so i shall live my days filling my senses
rather than sensing for a replacement fill.

the lights are out

dragged ma ass to skol for COC... dam... slept late to finish up the presentation, and so we kinda did managed to finish up a lil in class.. so made it for the presentation... haha... hmmmm, BHE got cancelled so went home earlier... though i fell asleep till the conductor woke me up like abt 2 bus stop b4 mine to check ma card... den was bored from then, and for the first time,i watched 2 movies on tv...

watched front line... i mean, i read the credits and believed even the ADR guy didn't want to put his/her name in the credits... haha... it was off the whole show except for a few parts... i jus read the subtitles which was did b4 the ADR was done cos the subtitle in English was a lil different from wat was bein said...

arrgh... in a melancholic mood... dun ask me y cos i dunno too...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

anyways, here are the 3 shots i liked the best...

fridae nitez

went out wif dila tat dae... met chin boo earlier so didnt need to meet him at 2pm... we went to raffles city first to get ma contacts... i dunno, i tink i spent like an hour & half in there... jus to try out the contacts and stuff... finally got them and tried them on... it was the same experience as puttin on a new specs... u cant really move quickly or you will start to get dizzy... we then went to Mc to eat a 3 person's meal... haha... met hadijah there... seems weird though tat i keep seein her ard when i'm out... anyways, dila kept insisting tat the girl over the counter was checking me out and was interested in me and how she tried to hook me up wif her... haiz, tis girl ar... anyways, she managed to learn the alphabets for sign lang.. well, SEE II at least...

den we went to the stairs where she wanted a reading by ma tarot cards... i must say though, sumthin haf resided in mine... anyways, so yea, i told her abt tis is ma first time and not to take them too seriously, but well, the cards had other things in mind... i mean, how coincidence can it be?? oh well, she said itz kinda true la, so not so bad... hell, it kinda hit the softest spot... cos she jus sat at the stairs staring out to nothingness... and then we went to look up and it was kinda like a star lit night... she has her own star named after her...

we den went for a walk along esplanade and watched a grp singing sumthin in chinese i tink... den we walked on the bridge and sat and took sum pic and she went trigger happy... took a whole bunch of pic of us, den the durian building... den we walked to clarke quay station...
when i reached home, i was like zonked out already and straight away fell to sleep...

basically went to play soccer... though we lost 5-2, i tink i made the most number of saves to date for a game... wah piang eh, the number of shots they got... haha, well, one was an own goal, so i only missed 4 goals... out of the 20-25 shots they had... got a bruised right cheek, superficial cuts on both ma knees, still cant take goal kicks, haiz... oh well, sent the pictures to dila abt sun morning... of all the pic she chose, it had to be the one where she was coverin her stomach... hiaz, girls... haha... or rather jus her... *grins

Thursday, September 16, 2004

itz a long long journey...

yesterdae was pretty borin... worked in the morning, den went for class and went to sim lim to get wires and stuff for ma mixer tat i borrowed from boss... den as i was abt to go home, i met boss and wan and we went for dinner... den helped boss pack his stuff and got ready for his show the next dae... den was totally tired tat i jus fell asleep when i landed home...

todae i watched King arthur and i must say, i kinda enjoyed the show... anyways, den went to skol to teach ma class... well, they were all dead, so i dunno wat to do and i became hyper... i noe itz distractin when i'm tryin to teach and cant keep still. anyways, when we had our evaluation, everyone was kinda gloomy besides me and puay yan... so then we went to al-amin and had our dinner... haha, jia ting was like, eh my fwen cute rite... i was like, okie la, she's cute but oh well... ma mind was sum where else... yes bro, as hard as it is to believe, itz true... my mind was really sum where else... and then went thru the woodlands way wif edmund, wei le and jia ting...

maybe meetin ma co-author of the Cinderella Story tomz, who seemed to miss me, jus cos i never msg her for one dae... *grins* stilll dunno where to go sia if we do meet... haiz, need to get contacts for sat's match too... hopefully can meet her and get ma contacts...

Monday, September 13, 2004

sani's wedding

ma boss called me on sat and asked if i cld work on sun and yea so i went...we did sani's wedding... haha, it was a star studded wedding... at least i knew abt a quarter ppl, so not so bad... haha... met lenni(i tink tats how u spelled it)... we were like, u look familiar... in any case, we worked at mediacorp bf fro K14's shoot... she was one of the actresses... so the whole of ekamatra was there... it was the best decorated wedding i attended ever... i mean, even the weddings at hotels were not as romantic as tis one... haha

every table had candles on it, surrounded by white and red roses, with white petals strewn all around the candle, there was a quartet of violinist from the Singapore Malay Orchestra(i tink tats the name) palying, abt 3 guitarist performing while the guest eats, ere was a long table for the bride and groom wif 3 bridesmaid and best man, the long table was like decorated with flowers and branches at the perimeter and strewn wif lots of white rose petals... there were floral arrangements with white lilies, and a whole bunch of i can't identify green plants...

then we went to changi to haf supper, in the end, we jus drank and cldn't eat after the food from the wedding... haha... den i did ma COC project and decided, i cant finish it and jus fell asleep and skippin class on mondae... haha, dila kep me awake till i cant stay awake anymore... itz like she dun need sleep one... she has her assignment too, but we both went at snail pace.. the last time i checked, she was at 300 words... den i went to bed... i know i can count on u to keep me awake for a while... hee....

so yea, woke up at abt 12.30pm and was like, arr, lets jus sleep sum more... haha... need to go sim lim now... gonna buy wires... borrowed a mixer from boss... so like i haf a mixer wifout any cables... oh well...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

hit bya brick

went to mediacorp for the krayon show... so met farah at the bus stop, but she was late!! like 20 minutes... we went there and all... made the pencil case from the empty bottles and an hour glass, but the inside was filled with rice instead... made from bottles too... so proud of myself!! haha... yea, my creation is gonna be shown to the whole of Singapore... mua hahaha... den sumwhere in the end, ere was a grp talkin abt ghost and what they saw and experienced and the make-up artist was like, eh, u can feel these things rite?? and so everyone got interested as to how i can feel and all... den farah got freaked out... so yea, in the end, i accompanied her and waited till her dad came and fetched her, so a lil late to meet dila... (now i'm makin farah feel bad... hahaha)

as i got down the bus, i went to the other side of the interchange and den realised i was on the wrong side and walked all the way back to where i dropped... haiz... haha, so, we missed the bus cos well, as i was walkin ere, i saw the sbs bus jus went off... we didn't talked much durin the bus ride after she told me abt her palm reading... i dunno, i guess, when ppl tell me tat, i usually prefer to leave themin their world and i sink into my own world... not tat i feel uncomfy or anythin, jus tat, i mean, a mood is set and i prefer to let it be tat way, until the one who set the mood changes... and so, here's was what my mind was flying ard durin the bus..

"To live without hope after 'knowing' the future is almost like really bad(for the lack of a better word)"

i always believed tat the fortune teller can tell the past, for it has been done and said, and that the future is chageable.... i dunno, i mean, i guess we all have a path to follow...and until we sumhow decide to change the path, the future wld be the same as bein told... but if u are told abt sumthin tat will happen, esp if itz bad, den changes will be made to the future... ppl are more careful in wat ever they do. granted, they cant really change if itz fated(if ere's such a thing). but they will try to lessen the bad impact... and wat happens if u are a fatalist and u got ur fortune read? would you follow the path you haf been given? i dunno, and i started thinking, wat happened to my notebook with all my tarot reading?? well, itz jus abt 3 or 4 but ere was a precious reading which i am still hanging on to till march next year... it was about a dream i had, the same dream which i dreamt a thousand times before while i'm awake and maybe it filled me up with hope. HOPE, the one thing tat will keep your insanity and save your life in dire situations... yet, tat hope will be the cause of the greatest pain if it dun get fulfilled... i dunno, i rather live with hope and get hurt than not live wif hope and not live.... i guess tats y i lurve "vindicated' by dashboard confessionals... esp the first stanza:

Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye
And roped me in
So mesmerizing, and so hypnotizing
I am captivated,

i dunno wat will happen to me when i reach 20 in march, but i sure hope i can survive wifout much pain if i reach 20 and the hope i harboured for 2 years dun occur... but well, maybe it has and maybe i'm too blind to see it, or rather i dun really believe it till itz been said out in the open... i mean, subtleties is really hard to make out, and if itz wrong, well, i dunno... but everything tat has happened within this month points back to the cards and its accuracy, now i jus got to find tat book to read further... i only remembered 2 things, 19 and a star sign... well, wat happens if both are currently being fulfilled? i didnt want to know more in case it wasn't but now tat i knew, sumtimes, a part of me wished it was true and i wonder, wat happens if ppl knew... my friends & the person in mention... would i be turned away? will i be back to where i was and thinkin, i shld haf waited b4 i told anyone... why did i tell anyone? y do i want to feel reality's pain? well, in reality, i guess itz cos the small flame of hope burns inside and tells me, wat happens if it is true and you dun get turned away? the rewards of such a tot is always quite overpowering over the tots of failure.... and yet, i dun want to lose wat i haf now. i'm in a comfort zone and i want to get up and go, yet, i dun want to get up and go back to where i was... i have tot about the crossroads, i guess i'm just too scared to approach it...

anyways, as i walked to the bus stop, i was lost, i mean, literally, my mind wasn't in my environment and i kind of got lost for a while in the middle of towers of houses ard me and i was like, shite, where am i supposed to walk again.... i dunno, i guess i felt like i was hit by a brick... more of what she told me and stuff... wat happens if i combined everything i knew, wld i be thinking abt the same person? but i dunno.... a part of me wants to believe it, but a part of tells me, nah... can't be... so i dunno... walkin on a limbo now... i lost all sense of time and direction... i walked slowly, abt 1/4 of my normal speed and took in all my sights, but i cant concentrate... i jus cant... well, maybe kesh's rite, 'trangely, the most important events have always happened in September'... i dunno la, but well, maybe i might be a believer...

Saturday, September 11, 2004

i fell asleep, no u fell asleep, oh, it was ME

yesterdae?? hmmm, i was like half zonked out after stayin up late again... but i reached on time.. at least by my standards.. haha... 10 min late as usual... started ma recording project... aiyo, lots of probs le... first the power adapter wasn't there for the wah pedal and the meta zone, so i kop from tv studio one batt from them... later, we found an adapter sum where and then it still didnt work, even wif a 9v, it also didnt work... so in the end, jus as i was done gettin everythin done, mr gopi called and i was like, shite... i forgot abt the meeting... so rushed down to meet the rest for the meeting...

we were like separated into like 2 big grps... ere's like only 7 guys... argghhh!!! tat means we haf to do more work... haha... oh well, so we then had to choose a guy and gal leader... so everyone saboed yu xin it tink(i jus call her rain) and gopi was like, 'then the guy leader?' and rain was jus pointin at me and i kena sabo too... *sob*sob* haha, okie la, our grp not as rowdy as the other one, but at least not tat quiet too la... so not so bad... shite, i tink i lost the medical form tat i was supposed to fill in, i mean, shld be in the studio la cos i still had it when i was in the studio...

arrgh, when i reached back to the studio, stuff weren't done yet... i mean,i jus left wif almost done and all tat was needed was to be checked for levels and we're good... but oh well, so spent more time doin the level checks after the 1st take cos it was too low anyways... i remained clam... which was a good thing anyway... didn't really want to blow up, i mean, i was gone for a good 1.5 hours... and they bought me food... haha... no reason to blow up now do i? haha... and it seems i'm gettin a bit easier to be agitated, esp for my projects, but itz still the cool me, no hot tempers blowin yet, but it'll only be a matter of time... though i hope not...

went back wif all the band members, hendra, kamal, fly, taufiq, sri and nabilah... went to woodlands wif them b4 meetin wif Ms Tan... den went home together... got an orange juice from her... so we later chatted on the phone, and sumhow, as we chatted, i tink i accidentally fell asleep... not really cos i remembered sayin hello, after wat seemed like a long silence... then i heard silence, so i tot she fell asleep or sumthin.. so i jus hang up, i remembered it was abt 2.30 or sumthin like tat... anyways, when i woke up, i was like, readin ma msg(since i was chargin it, so no vibration at all)she msged me earlier sayin sumtin abt me fallin asleep on the phone... and i was like, oh shite, so it was ME who fell asleep... haha... sorrie gal !!! heeee... *grins
how did i fall asleep u may ask? well, i tink she was singing along to a song on her playlist and i was jus listening and i tink i fell asleep.. i swear i forgot how it happened... haha, the only other time i fell asleep while on the phone was in sec3 i tink... tis gal was talkin and talkin and i jus fell asleep and i woke up wif the phone sumwhere on my chest and i was like, shite!! i feel asleep while on the phone, and she was talkin!!

gonna meet farah later to do the krayon show later on... meetin at 1.30, which means i haf to get ready now...

Friday, September 10, 2004

itz been a while

the days went past like a blur whizz...
i'm supposed to be in bed already la, but i'm still hanging here.. haiz, sorrie lionel if i'm late for ur class again... hee...

todae... hmmmm, teaching the sign language class... quite fun la... we managed to choose a song...

ma entry's been quite superficial.... wat happened and all... haha, i guess itz hard to go too deep cos, well, sumtimes, u jus dun want to go tat deep... or cant, for the lack of depth... sighs... i haf lost all depth and wonderin wat happens now tat u realised u've hit the bottom of ur heart and realised itz been empty after all these years? and sumhow, u try anf try to fill it up wif anythin... friens, hobbies, family, self? but deep inside you know these will only fill up a mere fraction of what it can fill.... what is the secret ingredient tat's missing, tat i dun seem to see when i see people smile for no reason while on their journey... a memory so powerful tat it could make you smile, a memory, good or bad, tat will make u smile.... i guess i've been that seeing tat smile for the past few days.... objects, makin me smile for no reason... maybe i'm still a softie inside the exo-skeleton... i mean, i see an old couple holdin hands and i cant help but grin... a guy on the train imitatin tis kid sittin beside me on the train and i smiled... maybe, sumhow, the days are not so bleak now, cos maybe sumhow, the silver lining has shone right thru... maybe...

if nuthin's better, ma drivin IS!!! haha.... wootz... so proud of myself... haha

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

passing time

as i slip through the hands of time
i suddenly found my reason and rhyme
my heartbeat has found its own rhythm
at last,begins my body's process of biorhythm

my heart begins beating, my lungs fills up with air
my eyes gaze at the wonders, my soul no longer despairs
the slight touch of your skin makes ma own tingle
maybe i could reach home safely now that i have hit the bingle

the dazzle that i see when your eyes light up
as i float towards you and drain the cup

of all the fear and everything just fades away
the moment i saw that light in ur eyes that day

and i couldn't stop smiling from then onwards
the way a paupel who just won a million dollars
a drowining man who just managed to breath oxygen
a disturbed child given a sense of clam induced by hallucinogen

i still may have just been hallucinating all these while
but tangible objects fills my room of trash pile
and yet, these are my most treasured gifts
though as always, my mind's filled with life's ifs

i try as hard not to fall too quickly for we all know
the faster you fall down, the harder it is the blow
and if i fall and don't get the proper sedative
knowing my ability of being too emotive
people around me will be affected by my plaintive

woah!!! i'm impressed by myself... haha... at last, maybe can write poems which ryhmes again...
*applause*whistles*roses thrown on stage*applause*

Monday, September 06, 2004

and you meant itand itz true

helped dila wif her skol work, i noe i shldn't but i cant help myself... it was summary... haha... yea.helped her till 4 am and i knew i had to go to bed if i wanted to go to skol on time on mondae... well, in the end, i woke up on time, but fell asleep a lil longer, so i endede up like 30 minutes late anyways... jus had home electricity... den went for ma driving... todae was quite fun really!!! one of the better days... the instructor was quite cool!

so yea, tomz is ma 'test' to see if i cld do everything properly... arrghhh, so streessed cos i see a pattern, the 1st and 3rd instructors didnt relly made me feel at ease but the 2nd and 4th did... so tomz is the 5th, which means i wont be at ease if the patterns repeat... arrghhh!!! shldn't tink too hard... kz, tomz it shall be... *crosses fingers

Sunday, September 05, 2004

entry for sat

i was about to sleep tat night when i remembered i had to do the break the mix project for lionel. so i went online and got distracted, well the rest, as they say, is history... it was like, i didnt know how i survived wif chatting and not sleepin the entire thurs nite till friday morning and havin class in the morning... in the end, didnt really did ma work, jus a bit la, but the entire critique was done half asleep on the bus to skol... it was the craziest conversations we had tat nite... *winks*

*loved the cinderella story the best though*

managed to drag myself out of bed to go to skol... was stoned in skol la... i cldnt walk straight, i took like 35 minutes to eat ma lunch... haha... so tat was i'm stoned day for me... help vick with the set up for Pitch '04... it went slowly cos i had to help them decorate a bit too... den later tat nite, sri came to help me, after i manageed to convince her to stash sum stuff in her bag and off we went back to the alumni clubhouse... den she helped me finish setting up and we went to woodlands to slack for a while, den remembered dila worked ere... so i tot i said hi... haha...(though, i can tell u wittybo, i noe how the 5 year old kid felt about saying hi)
sri was like, go la... say hi... so we went to her workplace, and well, hahahaahaha... we went one round and i was like, lets go home, lets go home... so we went up and had an air break and after a few verbal abuse from her, we went down again... haha... so i said hi and stuff, though i didnt want to stay long cos the guy next to her was 'checking' me out, since i was talkin to one of his staff... den yea la, offered to send her home... though i had to wait a while, but i got a drink at least... hee

had to force myself to sleep tat day cos i was gonna haf to wake up at 5.30 for the Pitch '04's show which starts at 8.30am... so yea, and later also gonna watch a midnight movie wif her...

the show went smoothly, at least on my side... it was easier wif sri by ma side too... so then since i still had time to kill b4 i met dila, went to the jamming studio at sembawang... lee kuan seng i tink... comic strip was jamming there, so i tot, might as well... almost every1 was in a foul mood sia... managed to reach her workplace on time though... we walked like about the whole of the orchard strip, ate at lucky plaza, watched dimas's band performing near orchard mrt, and went to tis pool place... oh well, had fun ere.. haha... dunno abt her*heeee, u noe wat i mean girl* den we went to PS to watch the movie... wanted to watch cinderella and as we cued up to buy, announcement was up tat only the front 2 seats were left. so it was our turn and we were about to order the ticket when she asked wats tat, the guy den told us he has a middle row seat for 13 turinng to 30, so we jus grabbed it...den she tells me she was supposed to watch tat movie wif her fwen... haiz... so we then went to bk and had a hershey's sundae... haha, didnt know how i managed to get her to eat tat... hahaha... wif her watching her weight and all... but she did... i'm gettin pretty good at makin ppl eat food which they consider are 'sins' for their 'weigh watching' programme....

the movie was fantastic!!! i mean, i loved it and much depth tat it cld send into u and ur life... a bit of a soul searching movie...

at the end, we then walked back, and took a cab home... and when i reached home, i went straight to bed and fell asleep with ma specs still on...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

here she comes to save the day

i forgot tuesday...oh yea, went to play soccer only, borrowed a ball from boss so haf ma own soccer ball now..

had ma 2nd drivin lesson.. tahnkfully the instructor was chatty.. i jus realised tat i need noise blarin in ma ears if i was goin to haf to concentrate on the road... haha... spent half the time one the road... woots... so the engine only stalled like 4 times... an improvement from the last time... now tat i learnt half clutch, i wondered y the bugger didnt teach me tat in the first lesson... had to take the 2nd lesson...went to skol for dvd and all...practiced me goal kick and the kick tat goalies do when they catched the ball.. must say, i was impressed by those practices.. how come i was never exhausted... met dila online... been a long time since i heard from her...

goin for ma practical lesson again

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