Saturday, February 17, 2007

ode to the soldiers of 4.3

jus came back from a 4 days 4 nite jungle exercise.. and finally i can say tis is wat shack is.. and no matter how tired we are, to fight the objective, we all spared no cumbersome energy.. and there and then, on the last attack on the 4th day, i saw in my company, tat we're a fighting unit.. seein ur friends with u and seein them fight with you, u jus dun wan to lose them.. anyways, todae, i tink some of my section mate thinks i'm dissapointed in them.. but really.. i'm burstin wif pride, no matter what they've done.. so here's a toast to them:

to black, my newest addition to my section, sure, we have arguments almost every other day, but out in the field, my best point man.. actually he's my only point man.. but tats not the point.. a bit too well camouflaged when walkin at nite, to the point tat i lose him sumtimes, but he'll always be there in front of me, makin sure i actually see him, he'll ensure that i dun lose him easily, at every bend, at every blind spot, he'll ensure i noe where the hell he is..

to arie, my very own commando.. i'll leave him alone and everything will be fine as long as i can keep my eyes close on how he does it and what happens in between.. sure i find it hard to control him sumtimes, but hell, i hardly control them much.. he's very much a commander in his heart and with pride he leads.. or at least, he leads himself and other will follow.. one of my 2 most overworked guys, he'll do things but wif lots of complains.. we grew a bit apart. but he's the 2nd "sergeant" in the section.. sumtimes, i tink i'll be doin a lot more things if he's not ard..

to bulu, my 2IC who happens to be dila's coursemate.. i remembered the expression on his face when they announced my name to be in his section. it made me smile and know everything was gonna be alright.. a bit clumsy, esp with him towering over everybody.. he's the mr strong on diet.. he embodies the essence of a good commander in commander's eyes.. but sadly, he doesnt fare too well in the eyes of his fellow mates. always with an excuse for everything, till the latest incident.. kept him quiet for a while.. the mentally strong one in the grp.. the most vocal one without shouting.. never too much vulgarities with him ard..

to jojo, my verbal fuck buddy.. grew close to him durin the first san yong kong field camp.. he jus so happen to sleep next to my bed.. and we're been fuckin each other up every single day i see him.. the most fragile lookin guy, he carries the biggest gun with the most ammo and blind as a bat.. but he pushes on, and tat, is commitment till the end.. but i haf high regards for him, esp during outfield.. the 2nd smart guy in my section, seein all his jc fwens leave, i'm still in awe of wat keeps him goin on.. but i'm thankful, watever the push is..

Friday, February 16, 2007

t smimbo f shimbo

i read sumwhere tat we have tis notion tat love will last forever but love isn't always like comes and go any time it please and stay for as long as it wish.. so dun fret tat it makes u feel vulnerable and dun be surprised tat it suddenly leaves.. but jus be glad tat u've experienced it.. so brings me back to tis random tot tat i had on the way back from camp.. i've tot long and hard abt all the ppl i went out wif.. it seemed only a few i haf shed tears for.. some i shed more than others, some longer than others.. but they all haf made me better.. sure we learn bit by bit on the mistakes..

but itz weird tat if we fall fast, we fall out fast too.. the last gal i dated more than one day, well, we jus went out thrice.. we fell fast and i pushed my luck and it backfired.. and now, i'm reelong in, watchin diy videos of her baldin with me and pics of her and me which i never posted up.. and as i watched the videos, i have to relive those moments, how her hands felt, the way she smiled, the way she poses for pics, her insecurities when takin pics, the things she taught me, the smile tat my face was always plastered with.. anyways itz weird, tat now, i'm blocked from her msn.. i wonder how i'll react if i see her one day.. wld i jus smile or walk away or wld i jus walk away or wld we actually talk.. i wont noe till the day comes..

and i'm kinda perplexed.. out of all the talks of creatin a racially harmonious army, where ppl from different race, background and education lvl stay in the same bunk, why cant the non-munjens be entrusted wif the duty of protecting our own camp this lunar new year??????? den wat more the talk of protectin the country, protecting the very soil we were made from and the very soil we will return.. not tat i'm complainin, not as if i'm involved in the guard duty list tis week.. but just, i see my chinese men havin to do guard duty on chinese new year and it breaks my heart.. to tell them is even worst.. but thank god tats the PS's job..

Saturday, February 03, 2007

falls into place

things all happen for a reason.. sure we may not see the reason now.. but yea.. even misfortunes sometimes happen to ya so tat a bigger one doesn't happen.. for example.. my freakin bike.. itz the same as my freakin computer when i 2nd got it.. problems and more problems.. but thru these problems, i learn abt the dumb bike faster than i ever will... hell, i noe more abt bikes now than i do abt cars.. and i lost the stuuupiid road tax.. flew away sumwhere.. so now my bike's in the shop bein overhauled.. how does tis link? it flew away tellin me not to ride the darn bike for now till everything is better.. so yea..

and dreams.. i mean, literally the night dreams.. maybe sumtimes i take it too real.. like last week.. dreamt i got myself an eye of horus.. i wasnt sure if it was the eye of horus or not.. but when i woke up and checked on the net, it was the eye of horus.. and in the day before i got the dream, i was tryin to reduce a fever on one of my men.. and tat session, my 3rd eye was like goin crazy and openin up.. so i went to city hall, and the bike died jus as i entered the carpark.. and i did find an eye of horus at spellbound.. wat are the chances ur bike decidin to die and tell ya u cant move anyways, might as well get it.. so there we go..

so now i'm freakin broke.. broke like i haf never been broke before.. and yet, i'm still goin out.. sighs.. hehe.. well, if u cant keep a promise which is within ur control, might as well dun make one..

so how bout infusin the ol' craft of harnessin energy into reiki? tryin it slowly.. seems pretty well, now to jus learn to balance everythin up.. earth energy and light energy..

hmmm, ATEC stage 1 REDCON 1!! woots.. okie, every1's kinda surprised by tis result. i mean, our preparations were almost minimal. compared to wat i imagined it to be.. i imagined like days and days of diff rehearsals and stuff but hell, it was a few things here and ere, and we we finished quite early since most of the guys were proficient la. tat one gotta gif em credit.. and last min cramping always works for individual station..

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