Sunday, September 05, 2004

entry for sat

i was about to sleep tat night when i remembered i had to do the break the mix project for lionel. so i went online and got distracted, well the rest, as they say, is history... it was like, i didnt know how i survived wif chatting and not sleepin the entire thurs nite till friday morning and havin class in the morning... in the end, didnt really did ma work, jus a bit la, but the entire critique was done half asleep on the bus to skol... it was the craziest conversations we had tat nite... *winks*

*loved the cinderella story the best though*

managed to drag myself out of bed to go to skol... was stoned in skol la... i cldnt walk straight, i took like 35 minutes to eat ma lunch... haha... so tat was i'm stoned day for me... help vick with the set up for Pitch '04... it went slowly cos i had to help them decorate a bit too... den later tat nite, sri came to help me, after i manageed to convince her to stash sum stuff in her bag and off we went back to the alumni clubhouse... den she helped me finish setting up and we went to woodlands to slack for a while, den remembered dila worked ere... so i tot i said hi... haha...(though, i can tell u wittybo, i noe how the 5 year old kid felt about saying hi)
sri was like, go la... say hi... so we went to her workplace, and well, hahahaahaha... we went one round and i was like, lets go home, lets go home... so we went up and had an air break and after a few verbal abuse from her, we went down again... haha... so i said hi and stuff, though i didnt want to stay long cos the guy next to her was 'checking' me out, since i was talkin to one of his staff... den yea la, offered to send her home... though i had to wait a while, but i got a drink at least... hee

had to force myself to sleep tat day cos i was gonna haf to wake up at 5.30 for the Pitch '04's show which starts at 8.30am... so yea, and later also gonna watch a midnight movie wif her...

the show went smoothly, at least on my side... it was easier wif sri by ma side too... so then since i still had time to kill b4 i met dila, went to the jamming studio at sembawang... lee kuan seng i tink... comic strip was jamming there, so i tot, might as well... almost every1 was in a foul mood sia... managed to reach her workplace on time though... we walked like about the whole of the orchard strip, ate at lucky plaza, watched dimas's band performing near orchard mrt, and went to tis pool place... oh well, had fun ere.. haha... dunno abt her*heeee, u noe wat i mean girl* den we went to PS to watch the movie... wanted to watch cinderella and as we cued up to buy, announcement was up tat only the front 2 seats were left. so it was our turn and we were about to order the ticket when she asked wats tat, the guy den told us he has a middle row seat for 13 turinng to 30, so we jus grabbed it...den she tells me she was supposed to watch tat movie wif her fwen... haiz... so we then went to bk and had a hershey's sundae... haha, didnt know how i managed to get her to eat tat... hahaha... wif her watching her weight and all... but she did... i'm gettin pretty good at makin ppl eat food which they consider are 'sins' for their 'weigh watching' programme....

the movie was fantastic!!! i mean, i loved it and much depth tat it cld send into u and ur life... a bit of a soul searching movie...

at the end, we then walked back, and took a cab home... and when i reached home, i went straight to bed and fell asleep with ma specs still on...


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