Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i forgot to post for sundae

haha... as i was readin ma blog(yes i do read my own to check for non-sense stuff which i posted wrongly and stuff, i realised i forgot sunday's post....

dahlia msged me askin if i was goin to ma teacher's gatherin.. i was like if u're goin, i'll jus go la... so i met her and her mom b4 we went to ma teacher's place... we both dunno anyone else besides her husband and her... so not so bad la tat we went together... we caught up basically... wats been happening, and again, i forgot she's from ITE dover and not NYP... kept thinkin she was from there... anyways, den asked if dilah wanted to go home together and we met... though she was complaining abt her smelling of pasta or sumthin like tat...

i learnt tat with time and distance, we can always learn to let go... i finally let go, though i still felt sumthing, i let go. i didn't go crazy and all. we just were lost friends.(and no, the poem has nuthin to do wif me lettin go nor the person i let go)


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