Sunday, October 21, 2007

the outside of inside

my mind's in a daze.. heroes has a profound effect on me. and wat haf u with what haida showed me online yesternite.. i began to think abt it, and how was it all connected.. like how i hit off with cancerians really really well.. my risin sign is cancer.. haha.. not tat it has any link but it does help me to make sense of the ppl i met and all.. my encounters with leos has been disasterous previouly.. i make good fwens with pisces and cancerians.. sorry my bloody bro.. i noe u're a scorpio, but we still get along great.. well, i'm still wonderin if i wld ever go out wif a scorpio or not.. hmmmmmmm.. anyways, my mind is filled with lots of tots which doesnt materialise into the writing world cos its all random.. but it has always been along the theme, can we escape destiny/fate..

and can we pick up the mini signs that we're supposed to follow.. some stronger than others, some more persistant than others.. and then todae, i was stonin outside the shop and i looked at my palm.. could it be true that the path in life is written on our palm? then, can we rewrite what is written there? and how do anyone noe abt the mysterious symbols written on the palms and what it means anyways?

so i jus added the cupid thingy on facebook.. and lo and behold.. i was jus curious and clicked on tis profile.. what intrigued me the most was the ankh of life hangin around her neck. why? cos it reminded me of a dream i had.. not too sure if i wrote it or not.. but in that dream, tis gal dragged me into an egyptian shop, one which i never saw before.. and i got the eye of horus.. i forgot what she got for herself though.. so, off i went on a search for a real one.. it was a pendant.. and when i was goin into the carpark, my bike died on me.. i guess at that time, i took it tat i'm supposed to be stuck there anyway.. and yes, i did get the pendant.. though the shop's already closed now..

so could it be that maybe the gal in my dream had sumthin to do with it? i guess maybe i'm just thinkin too much.. but hey, i'm at least experiencing a renaissance in writing.. its all good i guess.. and can i say, i tink death note anime is mind blowing while heroes is though provoking..

i dun hate my job, i jus hate the pay.. ouh well.. heh.. but the companionship is good.. its a fun environment la.. i guess man's the main guy keepin me sane.. if not i wld haf died of boredom.. and i guess we learn a bit from each other.. but the most interesting wld haf to be the tomato skin flower which he made when shaza and amira came to the store.. wah.. den me not to be outdone, made the napkin flower.. haha.. in the end, i must say, it was quite a display.. haha..

and i tink i'm more into the inventive side.. the time i spent workin ere, i made the cup separator, the base, the notepad.. and i tink i'm still into recycling and reusin la i guess.. haha.. i jus like inventin things i guess.. hahaha..

so look out world, for the writer is back.. haha.. yea rite...


Blogger Dil(: said...

What!? Your encounters with Leos have been disastrous? OMG. I hope that excludes me yeah? Hahahaha. Terase skejap. Oh you have Facebook? Add me! Add me! Pretty please? Khehehe..

Btw, this is Dilly - the one at SB with the Stompedge crew. (:


2:12 AM  
Blogger shar said...

hey dilly.. at first i was wonderin also la who's tis dilly wif the stompedge crew la.. den i remembered.. hehe.. the exchange of vice to mark our friendship.. eh makcik,how i find u on facebook?

2:21 AM  
Blogger Dil(: said...

Makcik!? Aiseh.. Atok, I add u already la. :P Nasib atok ingat saya. Kalau tidak, haish. Heartbroken la sey. Hehehe. x)

2:58 AM  

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