Tuesday, September 07, 2004

passing time

as i slip through the hands of time
i suddenly found my reason and rhyme
my heartbeat has found its own rhythm
at last,begins my body's process of biorhythm

my heart begins beating, my lungs fills up with air
my eyes gaze at the wonders, my soul no longer despairs
the slight touch of your skin makes ma own tingle
maybe i could reach home safely now that i have hit the bingle

the dazzle that i see when your eyes light up
as i float towards you and drain the cup

of all the fear and everything just fades away
the moment i saw that light in ur eyes that day

and i couldn't stop smiling from then onwards
the way a paupel who just won a million dollars
a drowining man who just managed to breath oxygen
a disturbed child given a sense of clam induced by hallucinogen

i still may have just been hallucinating all these while
but tangible objects fills my room of trash pile
and yet, these are my most treasured gifts
though as always, my mind's filled with life's ifs

i try as hard not to fall too quickly for we all know
the faster you fall down, the harder it is the blow
and if i fall and don't get the proper sedative
knowing my ability of being too emotive
people around me will be affected by my plaintive

woah!!! i'm impressed by myself... haha... at last, maybe can write poems which ryhmes again...
*applause*whistles*roses thrown on stage*applause*


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