Friday, September 23, 2005

mechanicalisation of the human soul

past two weeks haf been a xiong week sia.. i dunno about you, but marching alone is jus very weird.. it takes away the fluidity of the human body to replace it with a structured and organised movement method.. food is okie la... but the mangoes is jus fantastic... it was super sweet... i got loads to say abt leadership and morale.. but tis are jus my views...

men will be willing to die for their leader when the men put their faith in their leader and when the leader gain the admiration, or the very least, respect for the leader... in camp, i would die for one of my sargeants, entrust my life with them... but sumtimes, not all men, would we be willing to entrust our lives with... the troops need to feel that their leader is with them, a friend at the very least, one which they would haf no problem talkin one to one, and sharing their naiveness with. one which would ridicule yet enlighten the recruit. one without malice or the very least, malice coated with sugar. those are the men whom i would fight for. stern when necessary, and relaxed when the time comes.

when troops see their leader all the time, ere is tis common bond which will hold them together. everytime their leader talk to them, it would be a balance of instructions and gettin to know one another. it would be these men who will command respect from their troops. and other people would make comparison, especially when faced with difficult situations and questions. questions like why am i feeling low, why are the troops feeling low, why are the troops morale always low and not giving everything, why dun the troops want to follow every instructions carefully and put their hearts into it, why do we find a smile plastered on everyone as they celebrate in their hearts when one sargent is goin to lead them and why dun we listen to leaders who rule with an iron fist? we are a new generation of soldiers... if people haf read histories, we should haf learnt that iron fist only rules for a temporary period of time before we find rebels. rebels who yearn for an extra freedom of their human spirit. rebels who who would rebel on certain situations and not on others. i forsee a rebellion. yet tis vision is clouded by an opposite force, which is much stronger.

and once sumone breaks down, the rebellion will occur... but till that day, we will live a life where we have common topics to talk about.

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