Monday, September 17, 2007

back to basics

i tink currently, i'm undergoin a sense of renaissance.. i'm back to learnin new card stuff, i'm watchin sappy chick flicks online, i'm back to playin old games.. i jus might start to write poetry back.. but then again, sighs, who noes.. i kinda miss the good ol emo days when i was an okie wordsmith.. nuthin more inspirin than a broken heart or a jus flyin one..

i tink some ppl enter our lives jus when we needed them to be and then they leave.. leave us to be again after teachin us an important lesson or two.. but i guess what's most important is not that they left.. but tat their presence has made a better you.. i had lots of people enter and leave me.. some i wished had stayed longer, some i wished never came.. but they did all the same.. and they mould you to become who u are rite now.. i guess last month's most important lesson was to not to ride so fast.. not tat i speed all the way mind u, jus tat, sumtimes, it aint worth savin a few minutes by riskin too much.. and now, the phrase not too fast is kinda drilled into me when ever i throttle too much or take a sharp corner..

and also, things are sometimes not what they seem to be.. sumtimes, what they say ain't what they mean.. but for this to work out, u jus gotta leave heavy opposite clues la.. dun expect ppl to know what u actually mean online.. so i guess its kinda nice.. and to think about it.. i tink my dad and mum are world apart.. at least tats what i think.. i jus dun know what actually manages to keep them together.. after 22 years, i still cant observe a unifyin factor besides my mum findin me dad hilarious.. i guess they share an even stronger similiarities than an attractive opposite.. or maybe its the intoxication of opposite that draws them.. maybe i shld jus ask.. jus maybe..


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