Saturday, May 03, 2008

Peti kayu ibuku

I now look behind on these 2 month plus and I smiled to myself. I have grown. Be it for better or worst, I have grown. I'm slowly discarding and taking old and new things in life.

to bubu D, I love you. Its not the way i imagined when i was smaller but i know deep inside its the same feeling.

I imagined that i'll be inspired to write volumes of poetry like when i do for every girl i fell for,
i'll be happy to just sit beside a person i have a crush on.
We'll look deep into each other's eyes and smile for days.
That i'll always be by ur side all day and holding hands all day.

but yea.. its not like tat now.

I cant write poetry.
i'm not satisfied to jus sit next to you. i want to hold ur hands too. =p
Looking deep into each other's eyes is not the only thing tat makes me smile all day. Have to throw in the kisses and hugs.
That i can't be by ur side all day(tats jus like stalking) and we dun jus hold hands all day, ere's other things we do too. =)

so sometimes, life's just not the way we imagined it when we were smaller.

okok, i'll stop being mushy already.

Jus finished doing the production Peti Kayu Ibuku. Met some new people, some which i have only heard of.. i.e siti h..

some i've never met before i.e the 2 mimis, mas(i'll admit it, i have no idea she's famous),rohaizad
old friends fez, irfan, shan, 'asy, shahira,jamal

yea, i enjoyed the work there.

met ducky and wan on the first nite show. too bad can't join them for supper.. also met yan, siti k.

up next, BILIK AHMAD..


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