Saturday, November 11, 2006

habba happah

hmmm.. it has been a while.. finally gettin my voice back thru my fingers..

now prac 8!! sure missed a lot of prac updates.. but had to cancel it for sum exercise.. sighs.. oh well, ere's still next week.. and all tat happened, happened for a reason..

and yea, as duck always tells me, patience.. and sumhow, sumday, it will come along.. and it jus might.. so we'll haf to see if it does...

i grew up registering pessimism as the best pre reward of optimism.. if u tink tat everytime sumthin is goin to fail, or u wont make it or u'll get rejected by sumthin, and u still try it and u do get it, den hey itz double joy.. if not, itz the same thing all over again.. wifout puttin ur hopes too high, u wont fall too hard if u fall.. and so, after 21 yrs of goin for the wrong things in life, maybe i jus might haf found my emancipation from fallin on solid thorn after smelling the rose. this time, ere may not be a thorn in the first place. so i tink i finally managed to kick the habit after 4 long yrs.. woah.. oh wait, i'm not supposed to be too excited.. haha.. but the prospect.. but in reality, i noe itz goin to be hard. for i haf little time here. maybe max 2 yrs? but i wont wait tat long.. cos really, i haf to fly out..

things are startin to brighten up.. tis week, i actually cld smile a lot more.. things didnt seem so bad no matter how bad they are.. and if the goin gets tough, the tough gets distracted.. i realised in PT, tat is i jus concentrate on a nice tot, or cute tot, or a "happah" tot, things gets easier, u can show ur men tat u really dun feel tired and the most crunching of PT is not so bad.. so think lots of happah tots..

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