Sunday, July 30, 2006

the life that was never meant to be

wat a hell of a week.. full 4 days of body slamming, rolling and writst twisting training.. and we still got 2 more weeks to go.. close combat course.. whoopedeedoo.. 8 to 5 everyday.. the only drawback.. itz at pasir laba.. which is like the other side of the world for me.. sighs.. i love the lunch breaks! esp since farouk would be ere to provide some form of dumb entertainment to us all during our hang out spot at club 1212.. wat a name for a place.. it sounds like club hantu hantu.. btw, itz quite quiet anyways..

i found out wat the thingy was called .. from my previous blog... itz called psychometry.. yea, so anyways..

wat a day saturday was.. firstly my mum woke me up to tell me tat my dad needed to use the car till 5 plus in the evening.. so i tot abt it and finally found a new plan for the day.. den later in the afternoon, i got ditched by my date.. sighs.. last minute grandma prob.. so ere i was frantically sms-ing ppl to ask if ey're free to watch ducky's performance later tonite.. the only prob was tat i was supposed to find a malay friend.. which i haf difficulty since i haf lil malay friends and the play was in malay.. so finally cit told me she cld go.. whee.. so made my rendezvous wif me dad after i pulled the dammned tampoline and den went to pick her up.. and as usual, we got lost in between getting our way ere.. the last time i drove wif her in my car, we got lost too.. haha..

i cld do a review of the whole 3 plays here, but wats the point, most won't understand anyway and i missed the talkback session since cit had to go home early.. so after sendin her home, met back wif ducky and the rest of the cast at al sheikh.. shaza(i tink tats how u spell her name) found me familiar.. though i noe i haven seen her in person before this.. saw like lots of photos though.. so kinda know who's who.. so anyways, she was quite sweet in lettin me be manja and her holding the sheesha pipe for me while i jus did nuthing but smoke it.. duck was a lil mean cos she like to pull it out while i was smokin it halfway.. hmmph.. haha.. so i was a lil high.. or rather in an altered state of mind as i prefer to call it... haha.. so i tink duck witnessed a side of me she never saw before.. haha.. but she was 3/4 stoned and tired, so dunno if she rememebered much.. heh.. i jus realised that if i used the wrong words, the whole paragraph would be quite heavily sexualised.. minus the fact that yesterday i had an overdose of innuendos already..

here's the weird part.. the only other time i remembered bein so chatty wif a person i barely knew was wif yanie.. and here it happens again for the 2nd time..

for some weird reason, yesterday's last min cancellation didnt really affect me tat much at all.. i'm still numb, i dun feel anythin.. hmmm.. i guess itz nice tat i dun feel too much affected.. and now i contemplate if i shld find another date to go out wif her.. i still havent the energy to shcedule another day.. if it was any other time, i guess i wld haf made the plans.. but tis moment now, i jus feel like doin nuthin..

anyways, can some1 actually fill up ur mind, visits u in ur dream and every random tots will slowly shift itself to her.. but u noe u dun like her.. as in, the heart tells u no while ur head fills itself wif her image everytime it has nuthin else to tink abt.. i'm gettin it rite now.. and i wonder how come? and i wonder y i feel this way..

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