Monday, September 20, 2004

An Outcry. My Outcry

As I look up and watched the star filled sky
I feel you as i imagine you taking me with you to fly
Yet I want to stay rooted, I want to be grounded
I haven't been hurt nor have i been wounded
Nor have i suffered much loss and sorrow for death

Yet, I stand in the middle, wanting to be a friend
Wanting to be more than a friend, wanting that
which i do not know if you feel the same want
Yet I stand, with each passing day,Yet I slip

I delude myself that you might have something
I delude myself that you treat me more than a friend
I delude myself that I'm not a one off or a fling
I delude myself that I'm climbing higher and not on the descend

Yet I delude myself for you never said anything
How could I say these when I know not for sure
As I hang my hopes all on a fragile string
Answers I'm not looking for, the question was never a lure
for me to ask, better to feel and lose than to lose than feel

And so i shall live my days filling my senses
rather than sensing for a replacement fill.


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