Saturday, August 19, 2006



so anyways, i'm half pissed cos i still can clear the dam figure 8 and tis is my 3rd time... godammit.. now i haf to go for my 4th time.. well, and itz always the same dam thing.. u jus touch the 11 sec mark.. bla bloa bla.. and i rode like faster than the last session and tat session was 11 sec too.. and he didn't even time my last one which i felt really thrillin since i rode like faster than usual durin the whole session.. goddammittt..

so anyways, the past few days, managed to get sum social life tat doesn't haf to do wif army.. met lots of ppl tis week.. ere's dila and nik, ben,mudz, khai and then ere's my (ex)section mates azree, zul, fi,ajay, jon, max and hatta...hell, i met half of them at borders.. since we're on tis topic.. i sumtimes wonder how they classify books.. i mean sure, sum are like normal, but sum are jus plain abnormal.. like sigh language books are next to the sex/intimacy shelves and books on disabilities are below the sex/intimacy shelf. and new age is metaphysics which is under science.. and paulo coelho's books are under metaphysics.. waaa?? they shld be under like pholosophy or lit man.. hmmm, anythin else? oh yea the pink hair clip gal.. *grins* i guess sum things jus dun change.. like me likin attached gals.. itz like i cant seem to like single gals.. i'm jus like the poor insect who gets lured into the venus flytrap.. slowly she encompasses ur mind and when her image fills ur head everytime, u either do sumthin or dun.. and if u dun, well, u jus get eaten and a part of u will die.. and if u try to struggle wif it, u get a chance tat u may fly free..

so anyways, i'm fighting atec on monday.. wow weee... how exciting.. wif 2 SIR..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

super sexy sheesha smoker

i lived in a too protected world. which makes me quite safe and oblivious to lots of dangers.. which in turns make me too trusting of people, even if i dun know them. which i dun noe if itz a good thing or not.. i always believed such stories of sorrow wld belong to the men i meet in camps. then i realised that the people next door sometimes share the same stories and life experiences. and as we share these stories, we wld then begin to see how lucky or troublefree some of our lives have been.

i have lives an almost comparatively troublefree life. my parents have done almost everything which i hear other people wished their parents did for me.. which made me wonder, they sure have the right combination to raise me.. they did almost everythin rite.. they never had to be too worried abt me bein a rebel.. since they never let me rebel against anything(if they never disallowed me to do anythin i wanted, wats ere to rebel against??) the closest one was learinin to ride a bike.. they convinced me enuf to take the car instead.. and now when i took the bike licence, they even volunteered to drive me ere if they're goin to the market since itz on the way.. we go out as a family, even till now.. esp when i haf nuthin to do, i'll jus follow.. if not, they'll go out on their own.. though i sumtimes wished they held hands more often.. usually it'll be my mum's iniative.. well, wat can i say? my dad's a man of few words who show his love through his action.. he was never the wordsmith nor the bard... and my mum's the talk everything under the sun kinda person.. so wat happens to me, i haf loads to talk abt, jus tat i can't really talk abt it but find easier to write/type abt it. so i guess tats y my blogs are kinda lengthy sumtimes..

and so, i realised that deep inside, all tat i wan of a girlfriend for now, is tat she can communicate thru touch and dun get easily irritated of my almost plan-less life. hey, i really embrace carpe diem. and she must really be open to spirituality and new age. sum1 who cld blabber all the way wld be a plus point though.. well, she cant be totally dumb, cos i'll jus die of the lack of subjects i can talk abt.. able to withstand my moods.. cos i behave according and do things according to my mood.. i guess tats y addiction is not tat much of a problem for me.. i guess my choice of a galfriend is not tat picky.. and she mustn't look tat bad.. the only prob is, i must meet ya face to face before i dare to do anythin else..

oh yea, and i already used the paper flower idea.. haha.. didnt really tot i wld use it yet since i was reservin it to like pass my no to a gal.. like write my no on the leaf and then passin it to her while she was doin watever she was doin.. but i suddenly felt like makin the paper flower and wat a fat flower it was.. haha..but i must admit, it was quite beautiful.. it had volume tat most of the other napkin didnt haf since they were all so thin anyways.. but i didnt expect shaz to keep it though but it was nice tat she's keepin it.. =)
one fine day, another opportunity will come and if i haf to find an excuse to procrastinate till i find the courage, i jus might make a bouquet.. though tat means i haf to find coloured papers now.. but i still liked the subway's paper napkin.. their green logo makes a great leaf..

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