Monday, May 21, 2007

if you leave

okie, so the title is random..

hmm, lets see. i got nuthin much to write but i'm in the mood to blog.. so how?

random tot of the day.. the title of the song which i'm currently listenin to..

and can they actually not call me when i'm on off?? like 2 calls already from the office and i'm actually on off. okie la, the first askin for my licence plate no of my bike.. speakin abt it, signed up for the defensive ridin course.. whee.. most prob gonna take it wif mat(giggs).. den heard shaq joinin too since cdc's one is ard 20 plus of june.. so cant wait too long.. yeay, can ride a new bike now.. cos i tink they dun use the bike cdc used.. and sighs.. must use long sleeve.. like waaattt? okie la, i still wear glove, but long sleeve like very hot le.. sighs.. anyways, shld be back in camp like abt an hour..

so lets see... wat has happened? here are the highlights of tis week or at least the last time i blogged.. in no praticular order.. since when was i organised.. haha

saw hanizah yesterday.. okie, so i really didnt remember her name.. actually, i only recognised her.. and to think i went for an overseas trip and remembered every1 else's name if i see eir face.. okie wait, ere is tis other gal whom i forgot the name, now tat i ran thru each person's face.. haha.. aaaaaaaaanywayyysssssss... so yea, we jus wavcd.. she looked refined actually.. haha.. like really grown up.. okie, she's not actually a teen, but yea.. drove eversince a long time actually.. den got one 125z bike next to me at one junction.. haha.. okie, so car wif pillion beat 125z wif pillion.. jus for the fun of it.. not tat we were ever racin in the first place.. it was like one of those dumb things u imagine.. hehe.. speakin of which, ouh yea, tried fairuz's 125z.. wahhhhh.. okie la, heavier than mine.. like really a lot heavier.. but his acceleration is much more smoother than mine le.. and he also says my throttle a bit keras... hmmm.. okies, so goin to auntie's next week.. if shaq can actually bring me ere.. hey, still learnin the bike places la..

anyways, i tink itz scary if u haf too much in common wif sum1 in a short span of time.. like as u get to know ppl, u find sum1, almost has the same thots as u, maybe on occasion complete ur sentence, and to think u haf never even met the person.. and itz only wat, less than a month, and u only speak sporadically.. but hey, i tink i shld be thankful.. which i am really.. well, u noe who u are.. so here's ur one min of fame in my blog.. haha..

watched the next karate kid like yesterday i tink.. well, only near the end.. then ere was tis quote..
I'll paraphrase cos i forgot the exact lines..

Mr Miyagi: julie san, fightin is bad, but if must fight, win! *i tink itz quite cheesy but it gave inspiration*

so,here's my version..
adlin san, fighting is bad.. so if kena tease, jus say oii and take it and dun tease back.. hahahahha..

okies, so next random tot..
i tink i'm kinda missin ed.. blardy bugger.. must be so happy when chelsea won.. haha.. hey, i was jumpin up and down too.. well, jus cos man utd lost la, not cos chelsea won.. haha.. but it was dam borin la.. if my mum didnt screamed in my ears twice, i wldnt haf woke up twice to watch the end.. which bring me to my next point.. i like get tired easily le.. now seem to sleep early too.. and i slept for like 11 hours plus last nite.. slept abt 11 like tat, den woke up at 10 plus the next morn.. sheesh..

met up wif sri on sun morn to pass her my camera.. woke up early actually.. den slept back and was late in the end.. haha.. so, forgettin my tank was almost empty, luckily the 7-11 lady was nice enuf to tell me the nearest petrol station.. and i never knew it existed in the first place la..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

yesterdae went out to finally meet up wif duck, su, sherlyn, and ying xia.. went to simpang to eat, well, ere i go again, ate my nasi goreng wif black pepper chicken, which was darn good minus the fact tat the rice was little, den finished up sherlyn's fish & chips. after sendin su back, went to sher's house to pick up james(who looked dam tired actually..), den went to a cheesecake cafe at siglap.. dam nice ambience la.. but wah liao le, really caterin to the siglap crowd le.. but their hazelnut milk was really really really nice.. haha.. wheee..

okies, random tot --- if everyones hates backstabbers, why are there backstabbers? haha..

aiya, i remembered got loads of other random tots in camp, sighs.. see la, now cant remember them..

okies, here's a quote.. "to seduce sumone, u need to already be seduced by them in the first place"

Monday, May 07, 2007


okie, here's the outings i went to which i forgot the dates.. haha..

first up:

met up wif lin! she was late as i expected.. but haha, in the end, only half an hour i tink.. so den went to timbre to haf a few drinks.. met ifte who was workin ere, and syed who was performin ere.. i guess we caught up a bit, well, actually a lot.. haha.. and so i have found a wing(wo)man if i ever need one one of these days.. though it seems tat that need hasnt arrived yet.. haha.. so den went to orchard to meet up wif 4 of her other fwens.. stayed at starbucks for a while.. den ere we were bitchin abt the ppl ard us.. omg, i'm such a biatch when i'm wif her.. haha.. wheee...

actually i dun remember if ere was a second.. haha.. ouh wait, went out wif snor and razi.. den went to al-sheik.. met shaza and irfan, and like 2 other ppl.. khairul and the gal, i forgot her name the 3rd time.. haha.. oopss. den ere was tis hot waitress servin us.. while the other 2 were bumblin(is ere such a word??) around, i tried my best to keep a convo.. haha.. ouh well, ere it was.. jus tat la.. sumtimes circumstances dun permit such stuff.. haha.. ouh well.. and i tink all 3 were feelin the heat a bit... haha.. ouh well..

3rd: went to watch tis musical wif snor.. oni gave us the free tickets.. so jus go la.. omggggggggggggggg.. it was like propaganda right in front of ur face!! no subtly or watever.. dang.. aiya, at least dun say it direct in ur face la.. ouh well, it was nice songs la, but lack the drama of a staged performance.. it was called labour of love.. and the ending where the NTUC words flashed and sparkled, tat was like the wth part.. and it was huge!! sheesh.. relax la on the advertisement.. den went back to snor's house, so jus lepak at his house la.. den went to the internet cafe near the coffee shop and i itchy hand go log into friendster.. and boy, ere we go.. so i met a new fwen.. haha.. nerdilicious..okie la, quite an interestin fellow..

4th: found out i'm involved in NDP marching contingent.. god knows whether i'm proud or dejected.. even i dun noe.. so friday booked out, went wif vick to shoot his documentary abt the bangla workers in s'pore.. hmmm, quite interesting la.. den in between the shoot, lin msged "battlefield tonite".. so okie la, after the shoot, went to meet up wif sum of the dyl ppl to play battlefield.. went to al majlis, but by the time i reached ere, ey were already goin off.. so followed viv to el-sheikh to smoke sheesha.. since like tats the main reason i went ere.. so it was me, viv, and like 4 of his fwens.. lets see if i can get eir names rite.. one is jasmin, shereen?(sounds like tat), (i forgot tis one) and ming shiu? hahah.. okie, since i mostly only had convo wif jasmin and shereen, so yea la, of course i remember em more.. den after tat went to bukit timah plaza wif viv and met up wif the rest.. fairoz met us ere, and so we played till like abt 7 plus am.. den went back to camp and slept.. woke up at 10 plus to draw arms.. and by noon, we were off.. i was like a zombie actually.. but not too tired for sum weird reason..

so yea, abt ere la.. in between, finally actually chatted wif rai.. haha.. itz been ages, never said a word den boom.. haha.. the aspirin cupid.. haha.. so i spent my whole sunday chattin on the net.. sheesh.. but okie la.. and sumtimes, history wont let u go and it seems to be back to haunt u.. sumtimes, maybe i jus shldnt run away.. but principles keep me runnin.. maybe sumday i might be able to embrace it..

so now, lets crete a new name for a flower! haha.. whee.. i got a few names for the flower.. discuss it more if i see u again.. haha.. itz gonna be a long battle for it!!

and i actually got farhana's blog.. haha.. whee..

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