Saturday, October 06, 2007

reddishly down

I'm gonna try the red on black font todae cos i jus felt like doin it todae.. arrghh..
i'm too on a whim kinda guy. todae feels different from yesterdae
tomorrow feels different from yesterday..
and yes, i'm no more emo me already.. sighs.. sumtimes i wondered
y i even agreed to work todae.. which means i'm gonna miss the holistic fair thingy
goin on at fort canning cos tomz i'm workin on my first passion to do sound..
wth.. i forgot abt it when i agreed to work todae.. and i sumhow misplaced 32 bucks!! dammit..
but okie la, if i try to look at it positively, got tis one house which i sent to, den tis like
kinda cute gal took the food.. den like i tink i was like flushin a bit, but lucky for my helmet..
plus all the accidental touch.. i was jus givin her the cash, den she like dun wan to take it.
but anyways, back to me losin 32 bucks.. ouh well.. but i guess i'm sumtimes too optimistically reflective. so tats y not so big an issue though.. haha.. den i did go back to her house la cos like it was the only place i cld haf lost it since i never took out the money anywhere else.. but aiya, she wasnt ere.. haha.. like a whole new set of ppl in ere seh.. like all i never see b4 one.. but at least got her mum i tink who talked to me.. the conversation went like tis..

me: assalamualaikum.. kak, tadi saye ade antar makanan.. yg adik pakai baju purple ade?
rest: pakai baju purple?
mum:ouhh.. nanti nanti.. (shuffles to the gate) ye?
me: ouh tak, tadi aganye terceceh duit kat sini.. cik nampa tak (still hopin the purple gal wld appear)
mum:ouh, takde..
me: (inside my heart, ouh dang)

den i left la.. but i tink i'm scared of my ridin tat time.. i was like a bit the siao la ridin..

anyways, argghh.. i shld never, i mean never be too trustin.. i shld only do things when i'm collected.. i shld not bother to send these food on time if i'm in a rush.. cos they dun really appreciate it.. except for a few.. the rest was like, ouh.. okies.. and i rushed for them?? siao ar, might as well save my ass first.. and i tink i like to send to chinese families better.. they're nicer anyways..

so anyways, arrgh.. i wrote too much..

okies, tis is a previous entry.. i wld like to reiterate tat i loath BMW drivers.. i was drivin my boss's car.. and it was a dam mergin lane.. so okie wat, alternate vehicle la go in.. but noooooooo.. tis dam BMW lady driver, decides to squeeze my ass.. drive beside me as the lane was mergin.. den i dun wan to lanngar her ma, so i kept to the side la.. my car was freakin half way in front of her, still wan to squeeze.. never mind.. bulan puasa, control my swearin durin drivin time.. den i tot she will slow down..nooooooooooo.. she still kept at it, even drivin on the road shoulder.. den i jus farked it, let her overtake.. dammm.. shldnt do it la.. cos in front got TP... shld haf made her drive on the shoulder and let the TP stop her.. sighs.. evil tot for a while.. and i tink i shldnt drive while fastin.. cos i haf huge urges to swear at a lot of drivers.. i tink we got lots to learn abt courtesy and abt drivin.. i mean, hey, i only start to swear if they drive recklessly.. and in my viscinity.. i.e 1 or two car ard me..

i guess sum things never change.. i dun curse and swear tat much while i'm ridin though.. except for those mofo tail gaters at the freakin 3rd lane for god's sake.. and i'm doin 80-90.. go sumwhere else and overtake la idiots.. baka neh..


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