Monday, September 24, 2007

mental torture

so todae, was my first relief stint as a despatch rider.. send food for tis kedai kopi.. imagine the kedai kopi now haf delivery.. hahaha.. dang.. only did 3 deliveries in my 9hr stint.. like waaaaaaa?? okie, so it was short.. todae, i really learnt the meanin of shake leg.. cos tats wat i mostly did.. jus shook my leg.. a wonder i never got tat restless.. hahahha.. so yea, okie la, dun really like the uniform, but hey, its orange and i always tot of wearin orange.. so here's my chance rite? and i can learn a lot jus by observin ppl in their work place... like i cld kinda identify the unsaid team leader, the scapegoat(u gotta haf one in every company.. the one u can mock and make fun in a good natured-ly way), the quiet worker, the dun wan to feel useless worker, the doin boss, the motherly makcik.. yea, tats all i noticed actually.. dunno how true these are.. but jus my opinions on them

yea well, so tis thurs and fri is off to sinewave for the thing i love.. hard work, sweaty tops and sound comin out of the big boom box.. where i hope to do for a long time.. so, looks like tis wednesday gonna watch ratatouille again wif sri..

den, okie, i'm supposed to meet fan u see.. now the prob is tat we cant fix a timin.. if not, den hoepfully sunday can la.. hahaha.. lucky friday she cannot.. if not, i haf to cancel my job.. hahhaa.. yes folks, sumthing jus maybe comes once in a while.. den after tat, its gone.. and its weird la.. i dunno.. cos maybe its a whole different kind.. we'll jus see la.. at least she's a bit more responsive la.. though still waitin if she wld msg me first or not.. hey, we cant always be the one initiating.. sure, do it for the first few days.. and then wait la.. but then again, sum things are jus different.. but i still dunno.. lots of things to consider..

so, at least its nice to hear i'm not the only scandalous ones.. at least, i was.. i guess i toned down a lot.. hey, at least i stopped goin out wif attached gals.. well, not unless i jus wanna be fwens wif them.. den okie la.. so why does bein more mature means bein less fun? i dunno.. so i guess i'm still a kid then.. cos i still enjoy fun.. so here's to fun, more smileys and here's to the guys everywhere who likes to disturb gals while workin, u piss off gals but make great companions.. and here's to all of them..

Monday, September 17, 2007

back to basics

i tink currently, i'm undergoin a sense of renaissance.. i'm back to learnin new card stuff, i'm watchin sappy chick flicks online, i'm back to playin old games.. i jus might start to write poetry back.. but then again, sighs, who noes.. i kinda miss the good ol emo days when i was an okie wordsmith.. nuthin more inspirin than a broken heart or a jus flyin one..

i tink some ppl enter our lives jus when we needed them to be and then they leave.. leave us to be again after teachin us an important lesson or two.. but i guess what's most important is not that they left.. but tat their presence has made a better you.. i had lots of people enter and leave me.. some i wished had stayed longer, some i wished never came.. but they did all the same.. and they mould you to become who u are rite now.. i guess last month's most important lesson was to not to ride so fast.. not tat i speed all the way mind u, jus tat, sumtimes, it aint worth savin a few minutes by riskin too much.. and now, the phrase not too fast is kinda drilled into me when ever i throttle too much or take a sharp corner..

and also, things are sometimes not what they seem to be.. sumtimes, what they say ain't what they mean.. but for this to work out, u jus gotta leave heavy opposite clues la.. dun expect ppl to know what u actually mean online.. so i guess its kinda nice.. and to think about it.. i tink my dad and mum are world apart.. at least tats what i think.. i jus dun know what actually manages to keep them together.. after 22 years, i still cant observe a unifyin factor besides my mum findin me dad hilarious.. i guess they share an even stronger similiarities than an attractive opposite.. or maybe its the intoxication of opposite that draws them.. maybe i shld jus ask.. jus maybe..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

surrealism at its best

here's to what i remembered in between..

err, okies, i watched 1408 wif haida. can i say the movie was kinda weirdly scary? cos like, ere's no shock horror in all the traditional sense.. the ghost were like holographic images but i was scared shit when i i knew the ghost is gonna come out.. haha.. danggg.. den a few days later, anthony told me he saw me and haida.. and i'm like, dang, how does he know its me.. ouh well.. so gave her the prezzie tat i spent the last few days workin on in camp..

den there was the meet up wif duck.. at my old home ere.. she, wan and zubir.. so tat was the first time i pillion my bestie, not too bad.. she skipped the troubled times i had wif my baby.. haha..

okies.. i was too lazy to write down tis surreal dream i had but since i forgot wat i wanted to blog yesterday the minute i step into my house, i guess tis aint such a bad time.. so here's the weird dream.. i remembered bits and pieces of it though.. so here's the few parts i remembered.. it was in a school.. and for some weird reason, i was tryin to clim this ladder.. cept tat the the steps were like huge rubber dildos but were in fact worms.. let me rephrase that.. they ARE worms shaped like brown dildos.. and suddenly i was upstairs and i was like in the holy grail of sound mixers.. they were like everywhere and there was another tower also with a few mixers.. didnt know how to get there though.. so for some weird reason, i was walking through it and wham.. tis indian-caucasian came crashin into me and it seems she like knew me for a long period.. at least i felt tat way.. so she was sobbing on my chest about something i forgot.. i remembered holding her tight, comforting her, i almost felt the tears soaking through my shirt.. i felt her hair, felt her back. it was all so real, yet i know it wasnt. then suddenly a security guard came and told us to make out outside of the hall not inside and i remembered she went beserk cos we werent and she wanted him to know i was comforting her and were accused all the same.. so we stormed outside and i remembered going out of a lift and being introduced to her lecturer and she started complainin to her about hte security guard falsely accusin us downstairs.. and wham, my dad wakes me up to sahur.. its sad tat i forgot the teacher's name.. cld haf tried to look up if such persons exists..

ouh well.. so lets see, in between, i met up wif guys from camp.. the malays i met to go for career talks and comex, the chinese to go to boat quay for a meet up..

and yea, its kinda weird tat i met lots of ducky's fwens but she will like die die never want to meet any of mine.. maybe its tat i never asked her recently but i remembered in the past, she wld always find a reason not to meet them..

so here's a toast to my new found like in art.. makin photos into fine art.. dunno if i'll carry it thru for very long or not.. ouh wells...

and its weird i'm like talkin to aisyah's cousin.. weird but kinda nice.. and its weird if i ever were to see her, i wld like mumble sumthin and say i need to go off.. i guess somethings are just better off unknown..

and ouh yea.. watched ratatouille with adlin.. it was kinda nice.. the show.. yea.. haha.. okie, bad imagination by me i know..

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