Monday, September 06, 2004

and you meant itand itz true

helped dila wif her skol work, i noe i shldn't but i cant help myself... it was summary... haha... yea.helped her till 4 am and i knew i had to go to bed if i wanted to go to skol on time on mondae... well, in the end, i woke up on time, but fell asleep a lil longer, so i endede up like 30 minutes late anyways... jus had home electricity... den went for ma driving... todae was quite fun really!!! one of the better days... the instructor was quite cool!

so yea, tomz is ma 'test' to see if i cld do everything properly... arrghhh, so streessed cos i see a pattern, the 1st and 3rd instructors didnt relly made me feel at ease but the 2nd and 4th did... so tomz is the 5th, which means i wont be at ease if the patterns repeat... arrghhh!!! shldn't tink too hard... kz, tomz it shall be... *crosses fingers


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