Tuesday, October 23, 2007

go for the unknown over the known

todae i learnt i have to turn down a promotion for something which i have always enjoyed but no real guarantee that it will come.. yea, dang.. i guess i jus cldn't take the supervisor role at my workplace cos my heart is still where i have placed it.. up to be besides the sound systems of live shows.. aiya.. sumtimes i wonder if its really worth it or not.. but i always convince myself otherwise cos of the way i handle sound works wif ease even if i haven't touched it for a year plus plus.. i'm still amazed those things have never left me.. its as if i never stopped using it..

so reject the offer as it stands.. though i'm already doin part of it.. i like saje saje aje close the account and do some of the paperwork.. i guess i'm still a bit of a status ego.. i jus cldnt be the delivery guy.. i wan to be the deliver guy and also action action be the sup.. haha.. like real aje.. i guess sometimes u jus cant help but wan to be the best and show it.. but i already decided to stop the work in search of something which i have no confirmation tat i can stay in the line.. but ouh well.. better to go for the unknown in place of the known while you're still young.. maybe when i have more responsibilities, den i guess i have to go for the known and safe rather than the unknown and dangerous.. but as for now, its jus me for myself..

what have you gambled todae?


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