Thursday, September 02, 2004

here she comes to save the day

i forgot tuesday...oh yea, went to play soccer only, borrowed a ball from boss so haf ma own soccer ball now..

had ma 2nd drivin lesson.. tahnkfully the instructor was chatty.. i jus realised tat i need noise blarin in ma ears if i was goin to haf to concentrate on the road... haha... spent half the time one the road... woots... so the engine only stalled like 4 times... an improvement from the last time... now tat i learnt half clutch, i wondered y the bugger didnt teach me tat in the first lesson... had to take the 2nd lesson...went to skol for dvd and all...practiced me goal kick and the kick tat goalies do when they catched the ball.. must say, i was impressed by those practices.. how come i was never exhausted... met dila online... been a long time since i heard from her...

goin for ma practical lesson again


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