Friday, September 24, 2004

2 updates in one dae???

haha, tis is the 2nd part from where we left... had ma sign lang class todae... only 5 ppl turned up.. sighs... oh well, no matter... haha..after tat, we went to al-amin to eat... me, jia ting, edmund, erm, apple(serene) and "p star"(i forgot how to pronounce her name, only remembered her sign name)... ate ma $5 chicken murtabak, 2 prata kosong and 'p star' 's seafood fried rice which was bery tasteless... i just learnt tat wif a long cherry stalk, u can tie 2 knots wif ur tongue... hahaha... jus did tat jus now... went home from ere... i actually did ma journal!!, kinda helped dila wif her memo assignment... more of we got sidetrack to makin a long poem which dun rhyme and i guess it was more of a lettin out(as she put it, well i say tat too la) poem than anythin... weird how lookin at the moon or wat ever she saw was the moon could bring out such beautiful prose...

oh well jus added a tag board... yeay!!! haha... i cant sleep already cos want to make it on time for lionel's class... hahaha... poor guy, havin his appraisal and ppl are mostly gonna be late and all... as usual... haha...


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