Monday, September 13, 2004

sani's wedding

ma boss called me on sat and asked if i cld work on sun and yea so i went...we did sani's wedding... haha, it was a star studded wedding... at least i knew abt a quarter ppl, so not so bad... haha... met lenni(i tink tats how u spelled it)... we were like, u look familiar... in any case, we worked at mediacorp bf fro K14's shoot... she was one of the actresses... so the whole of ekamatra was there... it was the best decorated wedding i attended ever... i mean, even the weddings at hotels were not as romantic as tis one... haha

every table had candles on it, surrounded by white and red roses, with white petals strewn all around the candle, there was a quartet of violinist from the Singapore Malay Orchestra(i tink tats the name) palying, abt 3 guitarist performing while the guest eats, ere was a long table for the bride and groom wif 3 bridesmaid and best man, the long table was like decorated with flowers and branches at the perimeter and strewn wif lots of white rose petals... there were floral arrangements with white lilies, and a whole bunch of i can't identify green plants...

then we went to changi to haf supper, in the end, we jus drank and cldn't eat after the food from the wedding... haha... den i did ma COC project and decided, i cant finish it and jus fell asleep and skippin class on mondae... haha, dila kep me awake till i cant stay awake anymore... itz like she dun need sleep one... she has her assignment too, but we both went at snail pace.. the last time i checked, she was at 300 words... den i went to bed... i know i can count on u to keep me awake for a while... hee....

so yea, woke up at abt 12.30pm and was like, arr, lets jus sleep sum more... haha... need to go sim lim now... gonna buy wires... borrowed a mixer from boss... so like i haf a mixer wifout any cables... oh well...


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