Saturday, October 20, 2007

we're a part of an elaborate plan

i've been watchin the HEROES episodes la.. and tis morn, while i was brushin my teeth, this idea suddenly came to mind.. what if all our dissapointments and sorrows are part of an elaborate plan that will work out in the end? that all our mishaps are actually things which happens so that others and we ourselves are supposed to learn..

if tats the case, den i must ride properly.. cos 2 mths ago, i was taught to ride safely. and then these past few days, i keep hearin ppl gettin into accidents, seein accidents.. now will redouble the effort..

and todae, i keep hallucinating.. i kept imaginin, i see people and figures when there could be none.. it all started yest when i was on my way to starbucks.. i cld haf sworn i saw a man with songkok.. but it was jus an electrical casing.. and todae i kept imaginin i see people when there is none..

so yesterday, i met up wif fana, halim and didi.. it was a most weird experience that i have ever had.. my memories are quite selective..

went to starbucks first before i met up wif didi.. bought a raspberry cream frap.. and the nice barista gave me a nice bag when i asked for it.. so reached YCK earlier than her.. so was havin trouble parkin the darn bike.. since it was a slope.. so i remembered, i hid the drink, and looked up and there she was, up the slope.. haha.. i was like a bit shocked to see her la.. like didnt expected her to be ere when i looked up.. i tink i forgot all tat i wanted to do and was lost for words.. but luckily she was friendly enough.. i guess i was at ease the first time i met her. it felt as if i knew her for a while already.. anyways, so we finished up the drink first b4 we head to woodlands where we're already runnin super late.. hehe.. oopss.. but i guess it was fun la..

den reached civic centre after bein abused a bit by her.. kena wacked and poked like twice or so along the way.. den met liyana in the lift.. was on her way to work.. so, since didi was scared to call fana; me, the brave one decided(by her) that i shld do the callin.. so i called halim.. hahha..

so finally we met.. den went to kfc to eat.. so some shuffling of the place we sat.. den we talked a bit.. okie. i didnt talk much.. its weird really.. and i tink i now understand how come guys find fana intimidatin.. rarely haf i met a person who exudes an aura of icy coldness and closedness and walled up-ness.. its weird how i can like chat with her on msn and sms.. and when i finally met her, i dunno wat to say.. i was lip-tied.. i tink i didnt utter more than 20 sentences.. so i dunno wat happened ere..

all i noe is tat as i went home, i was in a daze.. lost and bewildered.. and i havent recovered yet..

so, jus now came back from jln raya-in wif zul, mahathir, arie and wan.. so like 4 bikes convoy kinda thing.. it was nice la.. den on my way home, haida said she saw me on the way home.. i was already half stoned la when on the way back.. the nice cold wind caressin every inch of me.. but my mind was already numb i guess..

too numb.. and i've been gettin some faint whispers from my muse.. words formed in between my mind, jus waiting to get out..

ouh yea, jus now saw shaza and her fwen at my work place.. haha.. havent seen her for like the longest of time.. it was a nice surprise to see her la..


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