Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ode to black

10 February 2008

this day marks the day i see a friend making his way to meet God. Khalil aka black.(i'm sure he has loads of other names). what makes it even more special was spending 1year plus with him in camp, goin on "camping trips" in the army.. during that time, esp the drive back.. i look back at how many times he saved my ass from gettin lost in the dark.. how many times he got me back to the correct way.. then i remembered the only time i cld help him.. in ROC.. he was missing from the whole battalion.. i was scared shit cos i felt he was missing.. but everyone kept telling me he's behind, he's behind.. so finally i went behind until the last man and guess what?? he told me he must be in front cos there sure can't be anyone else behind him.. so tats when i ran all the way to the front.. and me and PS searched for him.. and thank god we found him.. luckily he wasn't fast asleep.. if he was, we wldn't have found him.. cos when we walked past him, we heard a bush moved.. me and him was scared shit la cos we jus walked past an abandoned house.. den suddenly his voice came out and called us.. so we managed to bring him back safely.. i guess, maybe its better that i never got to see his face for the last time. actually, none in our section saw it.. so i guess it's best we remembered him the way we last remembered him..


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