Sunday, May 28, 2006

First & foremost

now here i am, where i never wished i was but nevertheless, i am here.. i am here to take care of 6 men. taking care of them i dun mind, but leadin them into battle is what i fear most. so in two weeks' time, i'll be introduced to them. but now, i'm still in the induction phrase. so hopefully i can take care of them.. though i noe it will be hard, since they are the types whom i hardly hang out with. there's a lot to learn of them, but most importantly, from them. and also, where do i draw the line? knowing me, i'll be with them through it all. as much as i dred goin to a unit, on the hindsight, i have been takin care of ppl, especially when i have to. and i've been pretty good at it for most of the camps. i break the lines that should be drawn, but i form new ones which are even better.

after the 10 km run, i made one guy on my side. it was the end of the run, maybe less than 2km away. runnin wif sotong boy. so he was between me and sotong boy. and he suddenly picked up pace. so we all ran along before S.B surged foward. so i kept tellin the guy not to burn himself, esp since i cld see he cant make it at that pace for very long. and rightfully so, he got burnt out abt 700m from the end and we walked, he was panting heavily, i tried to tell him to take his time. still could pass the 10km test. after walkin for a while, we sprinted to the finish line.. well, i was ahead of him all the way, and then jus before the finish line, i let him catch up with me and eventually overtake me abt 5m before the end. the reason, i didn't need the timing... i already got the csb.. and i was 10min ahead of him anyway... so after that, he asked me the qsn. how come i let him overtake me at the very last end.. and all i could say was that, i didn't need the timing, i already got the badge. and i managed to push him till the very end. of course, ere wasn't the need to tell him i am 10min faster, since he started 10 mins earlier than me.

so yea, sometimes, some battles are to be won with ur men, while some others, u jus need to push them till the very end before letting them win. let them push themselves till their very limit, before granting them a sweet victory. and the next time, we can race again.

itz been a while since my last entry. so the taiwan trip was fab! beautiful scenery, a great change in temperature.. coolin.. loads of knolls, hills and mountains to climb.. fair to the point of white skinned taiwanese gals, to their short shorts, and long socks and costumes to their shrilly voice(which i cant stand) to their chicken cutlet and ka la chi to their cheap original branded clothes and cheap perfume, to their night markets and their amusement parks.. it was crazy.. all in all, we went to at least 3 amusement parks in 3 days.. but it was dumb since we spent like 2 hours in each park.. but what i would remember the most is the harbour where ocean world is located.. it was ur typical small port.. with all the geographical features and most beautifully was the water.. and the cold wind that threatened to blow away the skinniest of people...

anyways, back home.. when we first entered our new camp, we were introduced to the men playin ball games.. and the sounds of drums beating at the background. and literally, the atmosphere was that of a festival.. except that everyone was makin their own sounds.. so anyways, found out that the men won't ord before me.. actaully, we're gonna pass out together.. so good luck to me.. at least they cant go, ORD lo in ur face..

anyways, i need to start goin out more.. haven been out since 1 month already.. finally went to esplanade to meet irfan and ducky... and for the first time, i saw lots of cute malay gals.. well, it was abt 4.. but, it was a lot.. considerin i found them cute.. either that, or i jus find them exotic after 3 weeks in taiwan... so anyways, we then went to arab street to eat.. had sheesha.. haven had it for a long time.. while duck and irfan discussed their play.. chipped in here and ere.. tried not to interfere too much.. irfan was kinda high anyway..

so now, back to camp.. wheee...

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