Monday, September 27, 2004

here we go!!!

hmmm, *thinks for a while*, oh yea, went to watch VIA 4( or was it 5??) at the esplanade library. met up wif duck and nas. passed her back her towel which was under my custody for god knows how many months... we den had cotton candy before they left and i met the whole of Comic Strip. Went around esplanade taking pictures of them for our CD cover later on.. basically spent the whole evening till late night takin pictures of them. met Ian and he and sri talked while the rest made a fool of themselves and havin fun... haha... quite cute la they all... (i know 1 person who will see different meanings... *winks*)

thye kinda wanted to leave early, so me, sri and kamal hung out at sembawang to accompany sri's sister who was studyin... since i had time before i met dila, i went to Mc wif them... den went to meet her... waited for everyone at her work place to finish and we all left the place... got the choc thingy & 2 drinks... kept me quiet for a while... hahahaha... caught the last train. and for the first time since a few weeks, i walked the right way and didnt end up at the wrong exit from her neighbourhood... haha... felt so proud of myself... hahaha... chatted on the phone till late and ma fwen msged me abt meetin to pass me ma stuff tat i'm supposed to get printed. we met in woodlands since she lived near ere anyway...


dila called to wake me up when i didn't call her at 10... haha... i was awake, jus told myself i cld do wif 10 more minutes... honest... hahaha... so yea, went to work wif her, den i went up to courts for a while to check the camera tat she wanted to get... was at the library when she called again tellin me she's kinda done with work cos she forgot to bring her work pants... and ere she was on the bus ride to work sayin she felt lazy and didnt want to work... hmmmm.... hmmmm... heee

we kinda re-met and went up to courts to check out the IXUS 430. the salesman was darn friendly!! (aka mean to dila)... i felt bad.. i really did, cos ere we were makin her feel like an idiot... i mean, i felt bad... tag teaming wif the salesguy and talkin camera stuff... jus cldn't help it... sorrie girl.... we then went home... as i reached home, ducky msg askin if i wanted to study or not... so yea, went to meet up wif her... met at coffee bean... though i was ere for a while b4 she asked if i wanted to watch a movie...haha... so much for studyin... watched The Great Challenge... for u guys who are interested in story line, tis is no movie for u... but the action was packed... ducky who wanted to watch it was bored to death... hahaha... anyways, den she bought a top at fox after an unconvincing attempt to tell herself she shld not get the top... so went home.. den finished up ma work for the COC wif chun foon.... in between dila kept me awake after not much of sleep the nite before...

basically, we took a few more pic in skol and uploaded it to the website... den completed it and i jus realised i haven't seen the finished project cos I edited the pic as he upload and did the site... den went for the BHE test and i passed it!!!! got 31/50... not so bad la... considerin i didnt even studied it... minues the fact tat i didnt buy the book... haiz, i'm gettin worst... sighs... den met ziyana to collect the flyers... spent the evenin at woodlands library till ma eyes cant open anymore... though it was only at 5.30... still sleepy... haha... so slept all thru the journey... and watched tv... i jus realised tat i only watched tv on mondays.... haha... oh well, nuthin to do...


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