Monday, May 21, 2007

if you leave

okie, so the title is random..

hmm, lets see. i got nuthin much to write but i'm in the mood to blog.. so how?

random tot of the day.. the title of the song which i'm currently listenin to..

and can they actually not call me when i'm on off?? like 2 calls already from the office and i'm actually on off. okie la, the first askin for my licence plate no of my bike.. speakin abt it, signed up for the defensive ridin course.. whee.. most prob gonna take it wif mat(giggs).. den heard shaq joinin too since cdc's one is ard 20 plus of june.. so cant wait too long.. yeay, can ride a new bike now.. cos i tink they dun use the bike cdc used.. and sighs.. must use long sleeve.. like waaattt? okie la, i still wear glove, but long sleeve like very hot le.. sighs.. anyways, shld be back in camp like abt an hour..

so lets see... wat has happened? here are the highlights of tis week or at least the last time i blogged.. in no praticular order.. since when was i organised.. haha

saw hanizah yesterday.. okie, so i really didnt remember her name.. actually, i only recognised her.. and to think i went for an overseas trip and remembered every1 else's name if i see eir face.. okie wait, ere is tis other gal whom i forgot the name, now tat i ran thru each person's face.. haha.. aaaaaaaaanywayyysssssss... so yea, we jus wavcd.. she looked refined actually.. haha.. like really grown up.. okie, she's not actually a teen, but yea.. drove eversince a long time actually.. den got one 125z bike next to me at one junction.. haha.. okie, so car wif pillion beat 125z wif pillion.. jus for the fun of it.. not tat we were ever racin in the first place.. it was like one of those dumb things u imagine.. hehe.. speakin of which, ouh yea, tried fairuz's 125z.. wahhhhh.. okie la, heavier than mine.. like really a lot heavier.. but his acceleration is much more smoother than mine le.. and he also says my throttle a bit keras... hmmm.. okies, so goin to auntie's next week.. if shaq can actually bring me ere.. hey, still learnin the bike places la..

anyways, i tink itz scary if u haf too much in common wif sum1 in a short span of time.. like as u get to know ppl, u find sum1, almost has the same thots as u, maybe on occasion complete ur sentence, and to think u haf never even met the person.. and itz only wat, less than a month, and u only speak sporadically.. but hey, i tink i shld be thankful.. which i am really.. well, u noe who u are.. so here's ur one min of fame in my blog.. haha..

watched the next karate kid like yesterday i tink.. well, only near the end.. then ere was tis quote..
I'll paraphrase cos i forgot the exact lines..

Mr Miyagi: julie san, fightin is bad, but if must fight, win! *i tink itz quite cheesy but it gave inspiration*

so,here's my version..
adlin san, fighting is bad.. so if kena tease, jus say oii and take it and dun tease back.. hahahahha..

okies, so next random tot..
i tink i'm kinda missin ed.. blardy bugger.. must be so happy when chelsea won.. haha.. hey, i was jumpin up and down too.. well, jus cos man utd lost la, not cos chelsea won.. haha.. but it was dam borin la.. if my mum didnt screamed in my ears twice, i wldnt haf woke up twice to watch the end.. which bring me to my next point.. i like get tired easily le.. now seem to sleep early too.. and i slept for like 11 hours plus last nite.. slept abt 11 like tat, den woke up at 10 plus the next morn.. sheesh..

met up wif sri on sun morn to pass her my camera.. woke up early actually.. den slept back and was late in the end.. haha.. so, forgettin my tank was almost empty, luckily the 7-11 lady was nice enuf to tell me the nearest petrol station.. and i never knew it existed in the first place la..


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