Saturday, May 12, 2007

yesterdae went out to finally meet up wif duck, su, sherlyn, and ying xia.. went to simpang to eat, well, ere i go again, ate my nasi goreng wif black pepper chicken, which was darn good minus the fact tat the rice was little, den finished up sherlyn's fish & chips. after sendin su back, went to sher's house to pick up james(who looked dam tired actually..), den went to a cheesecake cafe at siglap.. dam nice ambience la.. but wah liao le, really caterin to the siglap crowd le.. but their hazelnut milk was really really really nice.. haha.. wheee..

okies, random tot --- if everyones hates backstabbers, why are there backstabbers? haha..

aiya, i remembered got loads of other random tots in camp, sighs.. see la, now cant remember them..

okies, here's a quote.. "to seduce sumone, u need to already be seduced by them in the first place"


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