Friday, February 16, 2007

t smimbo f shimbo

i read sumwhere tat we have tis notion tat love will last forever but love isn't always like comes and go any time it please and stay for as long as it wish.. so dun fret tat it makes u feel vulnerable and dun be surprised tat it suddenly leaves.. but jus be glad tat u've experienced it.. so brings me back to tis random tot tat i had on the way back from camp.. i've tot long and hard abt all the ppl i went out wif.. it seemed only a few i haf shed tears for.. some i shed more than others, some longer than others.. but they all haf made me better.. sure we learn bit by bit on the mistakes..

but itz weird tat if we fall fast, we fall out fast too.. the last gal i dated more than one day, well, we jus went out thrice.. we fell fast and i pushed my luck and it backfired.. and now, i'm reelong in, watchin diy videos of her baldin with me and pics of her and me which i never posted up.. and as i watched the videos, i have to relive those moments, how her hands felt, the way she smiled, the way she poses for pics, her insecurities when takin pics, the things she taught me, the smile tat my face was always plastered with.. anyways itz weird, tat now, i'm blocked from her msn.. i wonder how i'll react if i see her one day.. wld i jus smile or walk away or wld i jus walk away or wld we actually talk.. i wont noe till the day comes..

and i'm kinda perplexed.. out of all the talks of creatin a racially harmonious army, where ppl from different race, background and education lvl stay in the same bunk, why cant the non-munjens be entrusted wif the duty of protecting our own camp this lunar new year??????? den wat more the talk of protectin the country, protecting the very soil we were made from and the very soil we will return.. not tat i'm complainin, not as if i'm involved in the guard duty list tis week.. but just, i see my chinese men havin to do guard duty on chinese new year and it breaks my heart.. to tell them is even worst.. but thank god tats the PS's job..


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