Monday, August 27, 2007

everything u do great, u do with passion

did the AHM last yesterdae.. only did 12km though, cos of the NDP.. saw my sispec alpha PC, though he walked past me b4 i recognised him.. den after the run, saw the encik from afar.. and i was reminded of the only word associated wif him, passion. passion in all great things tat u do. so here's more abt the run.. we like flag off late.. cos i fell asleep, den when i woke up it was like 7.15.. den noor came and asked if i wanted to go cos he was searching for me.. though i was like only a few rows in front of him.. so den we got fi to go wif us also.. so after we ran to nearly the top of shears bridge, meer caught up wif us.. he also came to the start point even later.. so we always set reachable goals.. like makin sure tis veteran never overtook us.. den at kallang ere, we used another veteran to pace us.. den near the end point, we were like, eh shit.. got one more in front.. must overtake.. i mean, no disrespect to them,whom can really ran, but we cant really see ourselves slower than them la.. its like lettin a 5 year old kid beat u in arm-wrestling.. u jus cant let it happen no matter how u are feelin.

and here's another question to ponder.. sometimes, y do we ask questions when we are not prepared to know the answer? i sometimes feel tat they are not really ready.. but they ask anyway.. so i jus answer anyway.. and then, they jus suddenly feel awkward. well , i jus hope everything is back to normal.. and sometimes, here's the most peculiar yet beautiful part about life.. u will never get what you expect.. either u get more than what u expected or less than what u expect..

so lets say, i admit it.. i joined the green corp a few years ago cos i was kinda into environmental stuff, but more cos i wld get to meet new ppl.. den as i kinda met them more and started the work, i realised, the ppl didnt really mattered.. the HI kids that i worked wif was more important to me. and seein em year after year(only 2 years though), i jus felt happier seein em.. i volunteered to take pics for the leaven trait solely cos i wanted to take pictures.. but guess what, it switches from solely to take pic, to jus solely to be wif the DYL group.. whether i cld take pic or not didnt matter anymore.. so here's the thing la.. i noe i go on a BIG merry go round jus to make a point.. tat i tink, doin good with bad intention is always better than doin bad wif good intention.. cos intentions always change, but the deed lasts forever!

and i guess, sometimes, i feel sad that ppl cant move on cos they're still livin in the past.. yes, yes, tat means i feel sad for myself sumtimes.. but u gotta move on.. i mean, hey, i still cant forget the cikgu, but hey, tat dun mean i dun see new ppl.. what i'm tryin to get to is that, maybe we shld love like there's no tomorrow and live like we never had a past.. well, for new ppl la.. if we know them as a snake and all, then i tink we shld love like we're gonna live a thousand years and live like tomorrow u're gonna get ur ass whipped if u do something wrong..

and try to leave emo baggages outside the lobby.. pick em up when u're leavin..somehow, they always seem lighter.. i read tat once sumwhere.. it was more like.. i leave all my worries and troubles outside the house before i enter it.. and when i leave the house, i jus pick em up but they always seem to get lighter..


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