Thursday, August 23, 2007

smiling sheepishly

had to do the combat shoot on sunday.. sighs.. ouh well.. at least its not too bad.. only a few details only.. so, luckily wasnt too tired to go out wif haida the next day.. well, maybe a lil tired.. but wats the tiredness i was feelin compared to the lil date i was gonna haf.. hehe.. but seriously.. i tink i was half stoned when i woke up.. BUT managed to get myself back to normal.. haha..

arrived a lil too early.. hah.. yea well, i try to be early for my dates.. sorry to all my fwens whom i'm always abt 10min to half an hour late.. heh.. so while waitin, i saw tis gal in black and blue striped top and for a moment i got a shock of my life cos tis gal was quite old.. den my senses came back to me and told myself its not her.. how i noe, she said she wld be wearin black and blue wat.. so yea.. so sum time later she came.. can i say i wasnt really tongue tied?? yea.. if i cld manage a dumb joke and make her laugh a bit, den not so bad rite?

so we rode to vivo.. okie, i noe i told myself before meetin her not to peng my bike as i corner , but bad habits die hard, esp when u got great tyres.. haha.. so like the first turn i made, ar kau, she really really griped me seh.. den okie la, so relax a bit on the corners.. den the ecp, got one also la.. the really really nice to corner one.. but so i did a relaxed corner.. so she wasnt too scared.. kinda la.. so yea.. haha..

so we bought the tickets for alone..*ironically, my bike was parked all alone too* den we went to tis mosque near st james.. yes, ere's a mosque near st james! and i tot it was like the malaysian embassy or wat the last time i saw the place.. cos it had a big johore flag.. so den we ate BK.. ere i saw tis guy from PL3 aloha from aslc.. forgot his name.. cos i only played soccer wif him b4 la.. dun really noe him.. okok, i noe i'm like tis scardie cat when it comes to horror movies, but i cldnt help it.. hehe.. i jus lurve scarin myself.. and ar kau, my terperanjatness melanting-lanting tat time.. luckily she brought her shawl wif her la.. at least kept me warm a bit.. okie, i noe sum of u are wonderin y i didnt like keep her warm instead and all when she said she was cold a bit..i guess i jus dun wan to rush tis time.. i mean, i still dunno her very well yet le.. den dunno how she's gonna react.. later she suddenly never want to see me again.. so anyways, and yes yes, i forgot to bring my jacket cos i didnt bring my bag..

so after the movie, we sat on the waterfront.. or rather the berth front.. like in front was the shipping berth anyways.. but okie la.. had quite a bit of conversation.. den cam-whored a bit.. jus a bit la since the pics turned out nice.. hahaha.. usually i always get these double chin la or i look like a dumb ass in the pic.. but tis time like quite nice.. since she had skol early and her mum bought her dinner, so okie la.. we skipped dinner.. den i get the impression she's not exactly fickle.. so okie la.. not much of the i dunno i dunno part.. it was like pak pak pak, and set.. so went to the mosque and then sent her home..

it was a slow ride home la.. since she told me she's not comfy ridin above 100.. haha.. so we took a slow ride home..accompanied by the long traffic.. den got once nearly langga tis merc taxi.. cos he suddenly jam brake.. den i also jam brake.. lucky still got quite a bit of distance.. but other than tat, my bike was well behaved.. at least the bike likes her too i guess.. haha.. if not ar, always got problem one if i pillion my gal fwens.. ere was the engine mati for dila, den the gear pedal choplok for citra, den.. eh, yea ar.. like tats all.. seems i dun really pillion ppl.. lin doenst count cos its only a short distance.. so okie.. she told me my eyes were gettin red.. and i can really feel it screamin for me to get sum sleep.. but yea.. it was an awkward goodbye.. i was like tongue tied a bit.. like ere was a lot i remembered i wanted to tell her, den as we reached the stairs, all i cld tink of was *blank*.. so we jus said bye.. and maybe its jus me but ere was sumthin i felt like she tot i was gonna do but didnt so.. so in the end, like an abrupt ending to a story like tat.. but i tink my mind went blank cos she was on the stairs already and like 2 steps above me.. and talked to me.. like she's already dyin to go up but den realised havent said goodbye and all.. so maybe at tt time, my mind was thinkin if i did sumthin wrong or was i tat borin and all to her.. so i jus forgot wat i wanted to say at tt time.. sighs.. but i noe it cld all jus be a misunderstandin and all.. so tats y i'm still keepin a bit positive la.. since she said she wld like to go out again.. okie, so she said she didnt mind.. which further reinforced tat i may haf been borin but she still gonna gif me another chance.. sumthin along tat line la.. so i dunno.. jus wait and see la.. seems she's busy wif skol and all nowadays.. till the next time i see her, which is i dunno when..

after i wrote all these, ere's like a chance she might read tis.. but since i cant be bothered to delete the entry., so wth rite? jus post and wear my heart on my sleeve la.. at most i jus dun get to see her again lor.. but hey, no regrets.. no regrets.. for every new experience brings new memories.. and memories are all i haf left once i grow old..


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