Friday, July 20, 2007

the busiest mth

so lets see, i went to jb twice in two consecutive days.. first went wif ma parents to celebrate my dad's bdae..a bit belated la.. but sadly, the place didnt haf buffet at 4pm.. it like ended at 4 actually.. they called it tunch or was it trunch? i tink tea + lunch = tunch.. how breakfast + lunch = brunch.. haha.. so went to giant.. but den, it rained while we were ere.. so jus ate dinner ere.. so in two weeks time, i got another date in jb i guess.. since tis week me dad workin the nite shift tis sunday.. den the next day, went to jb again wif another fwen.. watched dead silence.. okie, i wont create a critic here but i dun really like the movie.. erm, it was like sooo abrupt and not soo scary.. okie la, so i kinda got shocked a few times, but overall, not so scary la.. at least not so bad la.. didnt waste so much money.. only half price ma.. and like, ey charge an extra buck for the couple seat.. not tat we're a couple la.. but since the guy was like offerin it and she was like, do we look like a couple? den okie la, we got the sear..den we gorged ourselves at singgah selalu.. aiya, finished her food, den never finish my char kuay.. sighs.. so ere, we laughed till the sun went down.. haha.. okie, the part i remembered the most.. she pointed out the sweat and sour fish wld be delicious.. and so it went on and on abt crazy ways on how the name actually came up.. actually i forgot but i remembered it was hilarious at tt time.. so den sent her home..

so next up, i went wif oni to the PERTAPIS children's home at nite b4 i booked in.. was supposed to record interviews la, den make it into a sound montage for their up and coming exhibition of the pictures they took and the drawings ey made.. but i wat i left was more than jus the sound bites, but a slice of each and everyone's life and what they truly felt.. it was pure magical.. i dun know their history but i noe eir dreams, wat they will strive for.. and each one wanted a different one.. but most wanted to make pertapis proud one day when they leave.. and most of their dreams involves givin back to society.. here's the weird thing.. i tink itz easier to get volunteers who are financially stable and had it relatively easy and those who has had the same past than those who are still striving hard to achieve their dreams and that consumes them all.. abt 3-4 wanted to make money so that ey cld help out others who has been in the same situation as em, others money to make life easier for them and the ppl they cld help wif that money..

den ere was tis one kid whom took an instant likin to me.. i guess he might be the same to all la.. and so i spent my first few minutes carryin tis kid ard, piggy backin him, spinnin him slowly(i didnt want to like dislocate tis guy's arms wifout knowin anythin abt him.. skali he like has loose arm sockets or wat).. and i tink i can apply the firm but fair thing in the army..HEY!!! i learnt sumthin useful after all..

and i learnt a new word.. its called abscond! in army terms it wld be AWOL to put it simply.. i mean, wldn't abscond be a better word to learn? than the AWOL.. and like, all the kids knew the word, but me and oni were like, wtf is tat word..

and how come tis sunday, everyone's askin if i'm free.. sadly, it was booked to all those i had to say no.. to my boss who wanted me to help out on the weekend, to lin whom i cant take photos for ya.and a few others la.. but i forgot.. i alrady took up two things la.. the sound montage and the sentosa outin!! haha.. lets hope its better than hangin out wif haz "pinchable cheeks" lin!! dun whine okie! we'll meet up soon.. and i wont haf a rosy cheeks.. not unless u make me take AK47!!hahaha..


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