Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the day me and my bike orgased simultaneously

actually i cant really find the superlatives for the ride home to singapore.. so my bike kena stuck the rear brake again while on the way to meet up wif fish.. so took a 10 min break by the road shoulder to wait for the brake to release itself again.. sheesh.. so met up wif fish and the first time i'm goin into jb wif me bike.. haha.. den i stupidly monkee see monkee do and put in my cash card into the slot where jb'ians put in eir auto pass.. how i noe, the 3 bikes in front of me all put in a card into the slot.. haha.. oops, bimbo moment..

so we went to tis bike shop.. errrmm.. hyper racin i tink.. so i jus told the guy to repair the rear brake.. den sumhow or rather i ended up servicin the block too.. which then lead me to reborin the block and changing the piston.. and woah.. like all they needed to do was to listen to the bike and ride it up a slope into eir shop to make a guess at wats wrong wif ur bike.. so then we spent like 8hrs ere, includin waitin for noh's bike to be done up to.. actually his bro's bike, which was much worst.. me and fish reached like abt 2plus.. and we left abt 1045 ere abts.. so after they changed everythin, my bike started convulsing.. and he was like in an accent which i half understood tat ey had to rebalance the thing..

i didnt noe no shit, so i jus agreed seein how eir previous predictions haf been spot on.. sooooo, okie la.. they opened up everything and all again.. and the balancing gear was terbalik and not in line.. tats y my bike sumtimes like an earthquake.. so after all tat is done, i finally got a nice brake to step on after they burnt and bent my new kick start pedal.. haha.. wheeeee..

den rode a few meters to the petrol station and i was scared shit cos i felt it suddenly became a powerful bike *since the last time i rode it*... den after pumpin, we left.. and tats where the orgasm started.. for the FIRST time, it worked smoothly, the bike was silent(relatively), gear changing was smooth, the pick up was smooth, the bike was fast, nice pick up (i tink tis is the 2nd time i'm sayin pick up cos it sucked previously), and i felt like cryin..i tink i kinda did.. it was such a beautiful moment and i fell in love all over again wif my bike..burnt a hole in my pocket = 420RM, but the burn marks forevers scars my heart wif such ferocity of euphoria.. and tat is also y i prefer to love and be left heart broken than never loved at all.. cos u look back, and said i lived wif no or little regrets..


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