Monday, August 13, 2007

post NDP syndrome

so lots of happenings.(mostly my postmortem)

the pertapis children exhibition over.. i was dissapointed in tat my work wasnt even decently broadcasted over the room.. ere was endless noise buzzin and very soft since the noise was overpowerin the whole recording.. god dammit.. went ere wif liana and J(cos i forgot whether it was joseph or joshua).. watched the Israelis's exhibition upstairs.. den we walked to the singapore museum and met josh at one of the exhibition.. den after tat, met up wif ben and the rest at his place to play guitar heroes.. activateeeee STARpowerrrrrrrrrr... haha.. okie, tat was lame..

so the next up was afu's weddin.. cant believe he's married and has a twin bro.. y didnt his bro joined the section??? haha.. so anyways, den after tat i went to ... erm, sumwhere which i forgot.. but i remembered i had to reject watchin simpson wif jobi and sherman.. so must haf been sumthin bigger than tat..

next up, was my visit wif vick to get hard disks for his documentary.. den digitised them and all.. and the next day, shoot for christ's shoot.. okie la, quite soon to be happenin.. and chua's mum was in it.. i was surprised it was his mum in the first place.. so had a mini fsv gatherin on set.. it was like i never forgot anythin i learnt in school.. it jus came quite naturally.. the set up for the sound recording devices.. woahh.. haha.. so shld be shootin more for them.. woo hooo.. i'm backkkkkk!!!!!

post NDP.. at freaking lastttt.. its overrrrrrr!! no more marchin, no more camo, no more standin up and tryin to keep awake when u are really sleepy, no more accidentally fallin asleep when u're standing, no more sun tan in uniform.. but it was a nice performance.. haha.. enjoyed myself if i looked back la.. i tink the whole show was beautiful.. at least it was more artsy and all.. almost magical i can say..

so todae gonne go to jb wif fish.. doin our bikes.. actually mine's kinda done jus need to like tune it only? ouh yeaaaa.. my trouble makin bike which i sumtimes wished i jus threw it away and get another one.. but now, look at where we are now.. i now lurveee the bike all over again.. haha.. its now spakingly cleaned and polished.. the shop did it for me though.. i noe i noe.. i shld take better care of her.. but aiya, she like dunno how to keep herself clean one le.. haha.. yes yes, next up, itz nice la to ride happily, wifout like hopin the smoke trail she leaves is too much, the spark plug dyin anytime as i'm ridin, the 2t tube leakin, the rear brake bein jammed and need to wait by the side for abt 10 min b4 it releases itself, no mirror, no nice quieter pipe, not much smoke comin from her behind.. haha.. okok.. tats abt as much as i can tink off la.. so wheeee..

next stop, JB..


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