Sunday, July 15, 2007

AK-47.. y no M16 or SAR21 yet ar?

mid july.. hmmm.. i tink tis is becomin my fav part of the year.. the mid year.. seems like lots of things been happenin!! wheee.. from where i left off..

encik kinda mellowed a bit.. he actually began explainin things.. haha.. which we usually do cos our men will like keep askin us y tis and y tat and how come us tis and how come us tat..

lets see.. last sun, met up wif cik bedah.. and if i tot i like to camwhore.. wa, den she can prove me wrong.. watched transformers!! and for a few days after tat, i cant get the sound krukrekrekreku off my head.. den i learnt from a shop owner tat russians gals are hot but proud.. i mean, okie la.. tats a stereotype la.. but she's like really passionate abt it though.. hahaha.. den she quote on like the previous customer.. den we walked all the way from orchard to raffles place(wif heels.. okie la,not me wearin heels, but it was her idea anyway) jus to cam whore...met amin and hafiz! okie, not together la, on separate occasion.. but i really didnt see hafiz till we were really close and he said hi.. for a moment, i was like eh, he looks familiar.. den like after walkin a few more steps after sayin bye, den i was like.. dang.. how the hell did he hide from my memory for a while.. i tink i'm slowly losin my memory.. den saw amin at cavenagh bridge..okies.. so den we sat at one of the benches.. surprised she actually brings a paperfan.. hehe.. okok, tis isnt like a detailed description la.. but we get by.. ouh yea!! it was live earth day! so i wore brown! cos i didnt haf green shirt.. den she wore white ringer tee wif green rings and she considers tat a green top.. if not, we wld haf been optimus treetron! me the trunk and den she become the leaves la.. okie, here i go crappin again..

den yesterday's NDP rehearsal.. wahh.. quite good le! hahaha.. like finally.. den saw my cousin ere.. he was like jus standin ere and lookin ard.. haha.. policeman! den after tat, went to zouk wif snore and a few of his poly fwens.. okie la.. was more into movin myself than gettin to know em.. not tat we cld actually talk while bein next to the sub woofer la.. at least subs la, not the main speakers.. if not, todae my ears will still be ringing.. so i finally tried the famed AK-47!! haha... been wantin to try it ever since i last drank wif lin.. which was quite a while ago.. and i must say, it is quite nicely strong.. though cld do wifout the salt.. den aiya, forgot to rehydrate last nite.. so now very the dehydrated.. drank 1liter already but still thirsty.. sighs.. but yea!! haf fallen in love wif it!! so goodbye my 151 love.. hellooooooo AK-47..


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