Monday, April 23, 2007

a beautiful movie

last night, i had the most happiest of dreams.. not really happy, but it was a beautiful one, where i patched up a grave mistake and it was back to being normal again.. the smiles, the same feelings were intact.. as if, it never really left me.. i was elated again, jus like i was a few months back.. but sadly, as usual, it was jus a dream.. though y cant i realise it was a dream, den i would have jus made the same mistakes again, since it cant be better.. so i rectified a lot of what i did wrong.. hopin to start afresh.. i guess we are all hoping to start with a clean slate.. to start all over and not relive the mistakes, though we will make new ones, but at least it was another shot.. another shot where maybe, the feelings would jus evaporate, and no one knows y.. but anyways, so there, it remained in the world of dreams and imagery.. nothing real ever happens.. and god dun say i never tried.. maybe not too hard.. i guess, i usually let the other party continue, i walk half way, and if they dun meet me at the halfway point, den i'll jus turn back.. maybe tats the problem.. i dun go all the way and den bring them all the way back.. hmmmm


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