Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the mountainous lies

holy crap.. i haf jus realised tat itz been a while since i last updated.. i had a million things on my mind since my last visit to R.O.C..

well, the weather wasnt so nice.. it was like freezing.. sumtimes, we endured temperatures of 13 degrees C.. and the cold wind blowing thru you.. so lets start from the first day.. the first day of mountain climbin was a nice one, cold wind, unbuttoned shirt(at least mine was).. it was a great climb, the cold winds ensured my body never got overheated, the mixed drinks provided me wif unknown energy reserve in my body and all was well.. so the 2nd time i climbed, it was ok, a bit more tired than the first but the most exciting is when i lost one of my point man, my only point man tat is.. suddenly he was lost and after abt 2 km ahead, when i checked, he was gone.. so back tracked all the way, nearly to the summit of the mountain*we jus called it the pylon*.. and thankfully i chose the right path at a y junction.. tats when i walked past him and suddenly i heard a crackle in the grass behind me.. me and my ps turned, jus rooted to the spot, wif our torch shining at the general direction.. it stopped for a milisecond and continued.. out body stiffened and ready to face wat ever creature tat was moving.. we called out his name, no response.. for some reason, we stepped towards the sound even though we were scared shit.. i promise i wont make fun of the dumb characters in scary movies if they start moving towards sounds which are potentially dangerous and we know it, they know it, but the body sumtimes refuses to acknowledge the fear but embraces curiosity.. den suddenly we saw a dark figure sitting up.. to tell the truth, i tot which god dam vampire or wat suddenly woke up from his slumber and is ready to suck me dry.. but it turned out to be him.. and god dam i was relieved.. my worst fear was tat he fell and is now lying unconscious or he was kidnapped.. since ere was like a few abandoned houses ard the track tat we trekked.. so, after abt 2 hours of searching for him, we finally found him..

so next milestone.. climbing the same pylon route.. it was the first time i was completely exhausted.. both mentally and physically.. i slowed down a lot, took my own rests when the rest moved.. it was a low point in the trip.. for some weird reason, my legs refuses to cooperate and gets tired very easily.. den i knew i was doomed.. i was in praying position as i cldnt climb up.. i worshipped the ground abt at least 4 times as my whole body gave way to the weight.. but the strongest team member, haider was ere to the rescue... he took my pack and his and jus siad lets go and i climbed.. i was ere to give up, but if he cld carry 2 bags, y cant i jus carry myeslf.. it was almost inspirational.. and den a few moments later, i was carryin my own bags and him pulling me up by pulling my hands.. and i must say, it worked wonders to my body.. i jus gave in to the pull and pushed myself ahead.. and i knew, at tat moment, tears were jus rolling down my eyes.. cos at the brink of exhaustion and givin up, i was given the most precious inspiration, hope.. hope tat i will reach the top.. okie so tat aside..

on my birthday, i climbed another mountain.. it was better though.. i was more inspired and sumwat more energetic than before.. but tats not the point.. ouh well, we reached the next obstacle.. and i nearly got the best birthday present.. i was the last 2 survivor.. me and my commando.. though sadly we both "died" at the expense of some dumb simulated vehicle role play.. tat was my most pissed off moment.. i was nearly a hero.. well, nearly.. me, arie and haider was the last 3 survivors before the vehicle wiped us out and den left.. and nuthin happened to it.. i was soooo pissed.. but ouh well.. it wasnt a good day.. but wth.. it was over..

and the next 13 days later, it was best forgotten.. but i learnt tat i get irritated easily when ppl become lazy doin duties.. i mean, we all gotta sleep and all, but must guard ourselves wat.. dunno wat will happen if all sleep and leave all our things ard.. tat was the day i gave up on ppl.. but after sulkin a bit, i rejoined em.. i guess i'm jus like tat.. if i'm not happy wif ya, jus leave me alone for a bit and all is forgotten.. at least the angry part is.. itz like, a memory but wif no feelings.. like i remember the incident, but i forgot the feeling.. itz kinda good cos makes me forgive easily and not hold a grudge against ya.. not unless i really really dun like ya..

my cash got stunned.. lost like 300 plus sing.. goddammit.. but luckily the rest of the stuff was intact..sighs..

so whee.. comes the amusement park moments now.. i took like almost every ride i never took and my fav ones too.. and "free-falling" on ur seat was jus almost the most exhilarating moment i cld ever haf.. it was called the "UFO".. okie, so i'll admit it, after it climbed abt 60metres up, i was wonderin wat the hell am i doin on this dumb chair and tat which is goin to drop me down 80metres.. i was scared shit but i loved every moment of it.. esp when it suddenly dropped.. it was the combination of fear and embracing it till i can like look down.. okie, after half a second, den i was brave to look down and embrace the exciting part for abt 3 seconds before it was all over..

den ere was tis other ride called the screeching condour.. okie, so i didnt take pic of it cos my batt was dead.. kinda.. i did get a pic wif the gal i sat next to.. haha.. she was kinda cute in a nerdy way.. ouh well.. but dang.. her bf was a wuss.. okie,so after i took the pic wif her, den went up.. cos the entrance was at the basement.. but a bit like a rabun moment before i took the pic.. cos ere was a place to put my specs in la.. den after the ride, we both were lookin for my specs even though we both looked for it at the same spot, we both didnt notice it.. haha.. den finally found it and took a pic wif her.. when we got up, her bf picked her up.. i was like, dang.. almost like de ja vu.. wats wif me and attached personnels?? but really, her bf must haf been a wuss since he jus left her to take the ride alone.. and y i was alone? cos jazman had 2nd tots on riding the ride and left me, haider and khai when we went down.. den i turned behind and was like, eh, where's jazman?? den we looked up and he was up ere waving to us and smilin.. ouh well, it all happened for a reason.. and the ride wasnt really scary as it seemed..

den we took tis water rife where like the 6 of us were on tis raft and we went thru like rapids and meanders.. it was fun!! we were all tryin not to get wet by steering the "boat".. it was a circular boat.. the first one, my back got all wet.. den for the rest, i managed to steer out of the water.. it was the most fun ride cos everyone was tryin to stay dry..though my necklace broke.. the chain at least.. luckily the pendant was intact..

spent the last day shoppin the whole day.. wheee.. got an abercombie red shirt, stussy long sleeved top, adidas jacket, 2 wallets..socks, 2 collared shirt.. and tats abt it.. plus 2 soft toys i won at a balloon shootin game..


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