Sunday, March 26, 2006

flabbergastation of the lost feeling

is it possible to fall for 2 gals u met in the week and an old flame all within a space of 4 days?? well, i sure as hell did and wondered how in the world did i manage to do tat?? so yea,, god knows how tat happened... after god knows how many months of no one fillin my mind..


had a slack week tis week.. since i cleared ippt wif gold and SOC.. so they had a few re test and i jus did fatigue work.. and i'm tellin ya.. fatigue work is really tiring.. since we had to sit and wait for a while.. as everyone else prepares themselves.. after goin thru 3 coys, i hope i get to make the next coy i go to just kind of like A coy.. i mean, they examplifies the no time wastage on waiting.. and the fav phrase wait to rush rush to wait is almost down to 1% only.. which is quite a feat..

spent yesterday wif sri and a whole bunch or others.. sri, shida, hendra, a few others i can remember, hannie & chuck(whom i cant recognise at all and gave a blank face when asked if i remembered her... BUT.. i did remember drivin her manual car(which i didnt stalled) in skol before.. and there was the loudest shouts of screams i have ever heard.. i'm quite a safe driver wat... *grins* at least i AM NOW...

so here's a poem i managed to churn out late last nite

with tears in her eyes
she fights back the pain
forgetting the painful lies
and all that he has said

she stares at the blank space
forcing herself to suck in those tears
as i stare at her eyes and face
those tears retracts back from the frontiers

and she smiles again
wearing back the composed mask
hiding all her anguishes and pain
but no one dared to ask


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