Monday, December 26, 2005

collisions of destiny

tis weekend has been nuthin but collisions of fate.. i dunno.. jus tat i seem to meet the rite things.. it started when i booked out.. for sum weird ass reason, i went to penisular first before goin home.. a new friend found me when i went into ken's shop.. i lost control of my hands and she drags my hands to her. and it was the first time i lost control of my hand.. which was pretty cool!! so yea, now she sits inside my bag everywhere i go.. so went home.. den went to smoke sheesha wif jon after tat.. okie, so al - sumthin (fark, forgot the shop's name) has regained the no.1 spot!! haha.. and to tink i used to smoke ere for a few mths.. the one at pahang street.. goddammit... anyways.. den today i tink might haf found my photo shop.. the one place to develop my pictures... whee...

so the first week in sispec was quite hectic.. took at least 5 test in 5 days.. or rather 6 if u add IPPT cat test.. got a female sergeant and her name's salizah.. which also sounds like my name.. so the first time i heard it, i was like, arrrr... another sergeant wif part of my name too.. in BMT already got rizal.. den now even closer soundin to my name.. was quite surprised when the sergeant was a lady..

the food's a bit better here though..


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