Sunday, January 01, 2006

rites of time

arrrrrrrghhhhhhh... one shld not be spending the new year at home sleeping and tending to a headache... farking hell... and one shld not do SOC on new year's eve!!! chow turtle.. so my first new year spent at home.. tis week's quite a record week for me...
did badly for my tech handling tests.. though i did get gold for IPPT.. which was amazing since i never did could do 10 pull ups.. and god knows wat drove me to be able to run 9.38 for 2.4km... failed SOC.. not tat surprising since i knew my body wasn't prepared for it... den got a mini headache while running back.. managed to supress it though.. and farking hell... tink tat's wat killed me later on.. ouh well...

so now she's back to name calling.. arrghhh.. now here we go again.. not tat i mind, mind u.. and walt whitman is becoming a favourite of mine.. i noe i had loads to write when i was in camp.. things which bothered me and things which touched me.. but now, it seems, i'm blocked of what there is to write about..

new year resolution or rather wat i wld like to do:
take out the triangle on the 4th of January
get a bike license
go for 2nd level of attunement
open an OCBC account
take more shots
understanding what i experience and being able to control it(itz a bit vague la)
be more spiritual
dun sleep in for the next new year

yea... most of wat i wanted to do was done for last year.. except for one(but it never happens every year anyways... well, always was close though)

so i begin the new year sayin "a wish is what the heart really wants. and without the heart, nothing can really be achieve with happiness". and for those who have been searching for happiness, it has always lay inside of you. and till you find it, you'll always be searching for the exterior means to locate it.


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