Thursday, December 15, 2005

meeting a crossroad at a new path

much has happened in the one week i didnt update anything..

spent a grand evening at kenneth's place.. tat was all i could say.. did guard duty on dunday which sucked, but at least it wasn't as bad.. great company while prowling.. well, met tis sergeant who enjoyed bird watching.. he showed me and kenneth kueh the great heron or was it herring?? anyways, itz grey in colour.. yea..

monday: spent it celebratin su's belated birthday.. it was nice to see xia, su, sherlyn and duck after a long while.. how we grow yet sumtimes stay essentially the same..

tues: went for my first session.. den met borrowed loads of poetry books.. i guess i'm now back to poetry. den went out with kenneth m c.. went to like different places to smoke sheesha.. one at ambrosia and the other at sahara.. and i must say.. sahara has the best bong and never haf i smoked a more free flowing bong in my life.. and it was kinda strong... took a lil while to get the sensation but it sure as hell lasted very long.. so now one of my fav places.. though the music got extremely loud at abt 11pm.. which was abt the time we left..

went for my first class and i must say, after that, it feels great to be "running hot", in the words of Cpt Short from Artemis Fowl... never haf i felt the same and it was great till i can still feel it today.. went to meet duck and parveen after that.. went window shoppping ard. den met dila while i was abt to go home... so stayed and chatted for a while before duck and parv left.. i stayed on.. since i got nuthin to do.. so caught up for a while.. den she had to leave.. dunno y i didnt really leave. well actaully i did la.. haha.. den met norliza who was supposede to meet the grp i was with.. so there we were, having a reunion of sum sort.. haha.. went to mac to eat.. 5 of us.. me, fendy, yanie, vit and liz.. it was a weird experience for me.. jus knowin them for a few minutes, and i guessed we clicked quite well.. vit was like, and u wldn't believe if i told ya they only met for less than a few hours.. surprising me as they knew michael poon.. haha.. though not a positive scale.. hah.. nor was it a negative one.. hahaha.. den found out marks and spencer at white sands closed down already.. well, at least the train ride home wasn't boring..

i tink now life ain't so bleak as i tot it wld be.. surprising, it started again on a high quite soon.. sooner than i expected.. and now i smile ear to ear and i look foward to the coming days...


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