Saturday, October 29, 2005

we walked on campus

he walks on the moonlit sandy beach, staring at the stars, a map he cant read. they looked so pretty that he begins to wander off. wander into a time when he walked around campus with sumone by his side as he listens to her problems and jokes around with the occasional objects slipping from her hand. and they walk shoulder to shoulder, sometimes a light strikes either of them and their hand brushes, generating a bolt of electricity. he remembers how she used to rest on his shoulders. how they would try holding each other while on the excuse of trying to get a better look at pictures. pictures which they never took of each other. how they teased each other without giving too much away, but tat which is really pointless since they already know. he listens to the wind as they speak to him in a language which only the heart understands. the wind chills his bone. he looks up and understands that the wind now jus mirrors how he feels. cold, chilling, invisible, empty looking and low... he stands and look back at the horizon and sees the sea, moving up and down, all according to the moon. he looks back at the moon and sees the crescent. the moon a smiling face. moved, he faces back home, a smile plastered on his face as he tries to control how high or low he feels. yet, no matter the smile, he still knows inside he will be flowing with sadness. and he tells himself that he's sorry he cant be perfect. that he falls for forbidden fruit. that he pushes away every other type of food laid on his table. that he only believes in love at first sight. that he trust his instinct. that his instinct lands him into trouble. and he looks down to see seeds marking a trail to one end. shld he follow the seeds or shld he go home. when every other day he goes home, today, he decides to to follow the seeds into a dark, deserted forest. and he hopes he can find the way out later in his life.


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