Monday, January 30, 2006

go ahead, end the holiday

ahhh, been a while since i last blogged..

january's been a crazy month and what a way to start off the new year.

itz funny how i'm now sms-ing yati again after all these while. how one phase ends jus so that another could begin. so any ol' how, i'll begin with the most recent..

farking hell, nearly got our last long holiday cancelled out cos we had to spend the nite out at lower fuckin mandai cos of some irresponsible SOB who decides itz convenient to lose things. knn.. hey, i dunno the full story but u sure dun lose an elephant especially if itz in front of ya. so hey, luckily it was found on sat, if not, knn, haf to come back on sunday... so if u asked me wat i did on fri nite, i can safely i i lepak-ed along the PIE.. yes, the PIE!! we were like along the PIE and sitting down after gettin out from Mandai.. wootz.. quite an experience but the sad part was the force of destruction we were as we searched... sighs..

then there skafest!! took pics for comic strip, got to know a platoon mate was playin for mystical or was it mistaken pirates, den ducky knew a guy from cesspit. so ere i was skankin off beat to which ever gal was beside me. found out zurah played in another band too.. den me and duck went off to boat quay to meet up wif sum of her fwens.. and boy were they wild with each other without even touching alcohol.. duck's in a dilemma hope itz cleared.. shld be for the best..

whee!! i passed the freaking SOC..9.15.. wootz.. still waiting and wantin to see wat the freak is the incentive.. not tat it has arrived yet..

the previous week had two outings wif ed and ducky.. haha.. feels weird how itz always the same thru all the time gap.. i guess tats how best fwens wld be. they may change here and ere, but essentially they're the same when they're together. no barriers, no masks. still keeping secrets, but secrets which dun change them and their relationship. so happily sheesha-ing away durin the past two outings.. and when i say happily sheesha-ing, i meant at least 2 bottles the whole nite at diff places... watched a movie which i forgot.. only remembered the cliff part. and a bit confusing the whole plot..

so yea, well, hope duck's less confused now.. a heart is a terrible thing to gamble, but if we dun gamble, it will be a terrible thing for the heart.

hey, my first quote!! wootz..

forgot abt tis.. on sat, i booked out and went to apply for the debit card. so as i was fillin out the forms, the lady at the counter was makin small talks. but if she small talk abt ur relationship and hers, like tak keluar ngan ur gf? and she talks abt hers, and how sumtimes the guy goes for flings but she dun mind. when he's done, he can always come back. i feel quite sad for her clinging onto him.. but tats not the point, wat is more important is, is she flirtin wif me?? haha.. things i tink abt to boost my ego.. haha.. hey, i mean, itz not everyday tat a bank teller talks to ya abt her love life..


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