Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ended BSLC


i tink i tink too much.. here's the first few random tots tat i cld recall... these are extracted from tots thru the mths and may not reflect accurately the present...

i ain't pickin up the phone no more.. maybe i tink ere's no more to it.i cld breathe easier and i cld live easier.. but wats the use? jus before i left golf coy, i noticed the mattress i was sleepin on was named lily sumthin.. and tis song tiger lily by matchbook romance pops into my head.. minus the fact that she likes lilies. and the song, well, it kinda sumamrise wat i'm feeling rite now abt her...

"We drive tonight
and you are by my side
we're talking about our lives
like we've known each other forever
time flies by
with the sound of your voice
its close to paradise
with the end surely near
and if I could only stop the car and
hold onto you
never let go
I'll never let go
as we round the corner to your house
you turned to me and said
"I'll be going through withdrawl of you
for this one night we have spent"
and I want to speak these words but I guess
I'll just bite my tongue
and except someday, somehow
as the words that we'll hang from
And I,
I don't want to speak these words
cause I,
I don't want to make things any worse
Why does tonight have to end
Why don't we hit restart and pause it at our favorite parts
we'll skip the goodbyes
If I had it my way
I'l turn the car around
and run away
just you and I
~tiger lily - matchbook romance~

so i continue to push her away from my mind... cos i dunno... maybe we rarely had much to talk abt. ere were always quiet moments which seemed like forever.. uncomfortable silences...

so i look back again and realise the only ones whom i cld talk to are attached... where conversation flowed easily and ere were comfortable silence.. ere was even one whom i knew electricity flowed between skins.. maybe itz jus me la.. but u dun get tat almost every time.. so yea.. enuf bout that...

so ended BSLC... still stuck in ASLC.. not the place i wld haf rather gone to though.. but oh well.. we make do with watever we get.. sighs... another 3 mths here in pasir laba.. arrghhh... freakin far.. the environment seem quite okie.. at least we got freakin vending machines!!

on the 28th of FEB '06.. we witnessed the burying of SISPEC's time capsule.. we spent the whole day in camp and we sang and clapped once the capsule is buried.. wat more can i say?? besides the 2 rehearsals we had to do just tat..

still suffering from the left arm being pulled sensation on and off... sighs.. wonder when is it gonna go away..

jus bought tis game called sacred... quite fun actually.. sumthin like diablo style... well, it was only 20 bucks... so wat the hell...

hopefully my plans tis week is not cancelled.. still haf to tink of wat to do on friday..


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