Monday, August 22, 2005

here's to the freshmen girl

to a friend who will always, for the life of me, never be fully understood, but always cherished.

whispers of sweet nothings might mean nothing to you
they mean the world to me, for those are the words
which we hang on to, on our lowest point in life
they give us hope, especially knowing they are said
without the intentions of lying or deceptions
i may never know why you hold my hand
but i do know why i do yours
for the are a pillar of strength when i'm with you
knowing things are now much different than when we started
of all those glass emotions always being broken
almost everytime we met, from all the pain we put each other through
till the day we finally met in the hope for truce
and i accidentally tripped over my own trap and set off an explosion
on your railroad carriage and i know i start a cold winter war
you barricaded yourself from pain, and i almost gave up trying to break through
but who would have known, that one day, u let your guard down
and i managed to slip a peace treaty note to you again
you signed it and sumhow, we could go out again normally
until one day, you decide to hold my hand
and we never looked back from then onwards.
i would never know y u did it, but i do know one thing
itz the one thing which i would count on to see how we are
and itz one of the lil details, which i would never forget.
and also, somehow, your hugs which seems to be a good drainer of bad things
as your body melt with mine, nothing seems to matter anymore
no matter the station, the shop, the open air, our surroundings
they just become a blurred view, only me and you


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