Monday, August 22, 2005

i woke up

i woke up happy today. dun ask me y, i just did. maybe i was a relaxing day after the shoot. played pool wif kamilz, ducky, her sis, and haikal... maybe it was coz i finally heard sumthin which i haf always suspected and suddenly, i'm free from the chains which bogs down his spirit. i dunno... maybe itz cos i jus felt happy after a few days of stuff. maybe itz the cumulative of all the good things which haf happened and after effect of the long sunday morning and afternoon, which i spent sleepin, and den emo-ing all the way to cck...

but i dunno. so let me tell you a story...

one day, a boy woke up from his dreams. he has forgotten almost everything that was important to him. so he goes around walking, his chin up, knowing that his past won't haunt him. den one day, he decides to call up his friend, and to visit tis place, called the Macmanor. so he dials the number shown on the phone, but there was no answer. so, he still meet up with his friend, troubledly confused. so he and TC meet up,they decide to meet another friend, moody(MO). so, as they walk on the road, a letter fell from the sky. it was from another friend, known as the battered orang(TBO). so then, they all met up. now as the boy met TBO, his mind flashes a memory. a memory which he shld haf forgotten. so they all went to a gas chamber cafe and ordered a gas mask so that they all could share and stay alive together. now, sometimes, the boy is a lil addict. so he sumtimes sucks in too much gas before clinging on to the gas mask. he then makes the dumb excuse of not being able to do anythin else, and so ask TBO to top up his heart. so she does just that. and then everyone else follows. and so this continues till they are supposed to leave. so everyone takes one last breathe of fresh air and said their goodbyes. and so, tbo says goodbye and gives the boy a locket, by which he could never hold in his hands, but in his heart. and the locket has always hung around his heart.

okies, so this is quite crappy... lets do a more nicer one.

she left my heart only to return again
i tried to forget her, and i did
only that out lives are so entwined
that we could never leave

you gave me a pair of jewelled earrings
which i wear till now
pseudo earrings which i hang on my cheeks
though they hurt, they remind me of you

and as we walked to the hilltops
we stared at the stars and the black canvas
and you made me touch your wrist
when all i wanted to do was to hold it

you made empty promises
which never seems that you would fulfilled
and i wonder what had happened if i was free
the day you promised heaven's view

would you have kept it?
would you have stood by it?
or would you have stood me up?
for it seems that you had more important tasks.


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