Saturday, August 06, 2005

heart stealer

today sumone took away my breath and stole my heart. a glass dome playin emo music... but who cares... she was like the first person who i noticed.. and den my waving best fwen behind her... haha... well, didnt really want to pay attention to her la.. but mei zi la kept buggin me abt how she's lookin at me... or at least at tis table where we sat... well, i did kinda haf a crush la... but didnt do anythin jus as yet... as time passes, it seems as if i only asked her for stuff, instead of all the other waitresses... haha.. still remembered askin for a fork... now, it sounded so funny... can i haf a fork please.. well, she did recommended sex on the beach later on.. so i guess we're equal... hehe... here's wat i remembered... red rimmed emo specs and converse shoes.. haha... well, the uniform are all the same... and i tink her name's ain.. sighs... wif 2 rings on her right hand..
made ducky write my no on the tissue flower i made.. and she came up wif the line you stole(or was it took?) my breath away... haha

and now i'm havin a conversation wif an old school mate whom i've never met or seen.. but we're talkin abt ain.. haha.. kinda...


wish cld write more, but i'm too emo now


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