Saturday, July 30, 2005

the souls we can hurt the most

the souls we can hurt the most is the soul we are predestined to entwine our souls with. jus whether we make or break is the big question. and gal, may we never haf an ego too big to make up wif one another.. seems as if our friendship deepened cos of all the misunderstandings we haf. tis one goes out to you k.

tomz gettin my black mus mobile... or in simpler terms, the mazda 3. and guess wat.. itz sfx... the licence plate i've been dreaming of. sfx = sound effects = most probly sound guy... haha..

nice surprise to see u, ms "7 years of bad luck" or jus simply, herga.. hehe... yea, still haf the pics... jus add me... den can pass u the pics...

week's been hectic. mon got stood up(kind of), den met up again on tues, den wed had dinner wif roz, den jus now went to tis jazz band club wif yan and later met up wif amounrat for a while... been like wat, 3 years plus since i last met her...

my babysitter's in hospital currently. so gonna visit her tomz or rather later today.

jus bought a maroon 5 and joss stone cd for 9.90 each... china version though... but itz still the same cd.. wheeeee... only james blunt left... only heard one song but i'm sure got laods more... how could anyone sing a sad song wif an upbeat music and still make it sound very sad... sighs... impressive.. yes yes i'm still emo boy in disguise... still a sucker for sad music.

wld kissing a friend make everything different
does holding hands change anything
is it possible to be physically close while bein emotionally distant?
wat makes a gal want to hold a guy's hands?
wat makes a guy want to hold a gals hands?
wat happened if a female wrote the holy books. wld eve be made first?

if i dun remember anythin, i only remembered how ur waist felt like.
and it was a different feeling to hold hands which are of the same size.


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