Monday, May 30, 2005

my 3rd eye

i tink alcohol does sumthin to the third eye... jus a tot... and i feel stupid abt writin the other post... but itz good tat i feel stupid now... haha... anger bad, feelin stupid is better than bein angry... whee... and bittersweet, had a great time... wat ever i wrote wasn't abt u... except the rain part.. hahaha...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey.. i can understand.. maybe not fully.. but yea.. i do see ur reason fer the entry and i see the awkwardness each time sth like tt happens.. not tt i see it everytime but yea.. i get it..

the whole entry may not be abt me but yea.. hope tt u feel better aft lettin out ur frustrations on sth i dunno.. can i can i noe? heh. anyway.. u take care kiez..

Miss D.

12:39 PM  

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