Thursday, December 02, 2004

i chose to fly and not leave my wings on the floor no more

went to watch bridget jones diary on monday... wanted to watch shutter but it was only left wif the few front rows... so went to watch bridget jones diary... hahaha.. loved that show... oh well, den rushed off to see eddie... yeay... he came back... hahaha... den went home wif duck... it was just a short visit la... but oh well, got to see him... haha...

jln raya todae... went out wif duck, zak, vick, su, ying xia, sherlyn... went to only 4 places only... oh well, went to ma house, su's and den had to rush off to oni's house... so the 4 of us(me, zak, vick & vick) went to oni's house.. the rest stayed at su's house... den met up wif azim b4 we entered oni's house... chatted a bit and den left wif her as she was goin to watch the S'pore Idol... so den we left and went to zak's house where we stayed till S'pore Idol ended... all of us were lepaking at zak's house... and the weirdest thing happened... they sang All For Love... as to wat sri might understand as i made the presentation to my whole class, the song brought me courage which i never tot i wld muster in a few days... hahaha... okie, so it was the only song playing from abt 8pm till abt 4 or 5 am... as i was presenting my analysis for that song... it was given to me and i made a promise that another time that i hear that song from the tv instead of the radio or any other show beside a concert, i will msg and begin a risk which i never dare to do... itz abt flying high and never wanting to leave the wings on the floor... wrote it on the bus home todae... i liked it... hahaha... so yea, i heard the contestant sang and i closed my eyes as i wrote my msg... so i hope tat i will at least get a rejection... i mean, hey, a rejection is way better than being left out in the dark... and tis tot occured, tat if a relationship is supposed to be strengthened thru the telephone, tats y i never get anywhere... anyways, and i cldn't be happy for taufik cos i was still composing the msg as they announced the winner... hahaha... though duck and everyone else was screaming... hahahha... i mean, wats the chance tat i will hear the same song again on a live show??? hahaha.. so yea, anyways, i can move on actually... i guess i didnt want to hang on a limbo and wonder anymore... so yea, i'll be waiting... either say sorry or jus msg a casual msg... and i'll take both as we're still friends... and it made me wonder, wat now? i dunno, i may haf no plan, but if it happpens, itz still as foreign as hambrividishk(dun bother to find the meaning cos i jus pronounced and it sounded dammm foreign)...hahah... and if i do get rejected, hey, wats new?? hahaha... anyways, here's the poem i wrote....

If I Were Given Wings

If I were given wings
Would I want to fly high
And yet be able to keep it

If I were given wings
Would I want to fly high
and then let it be clipped

If I were given wings
Would i use it till I can't fly no more
Or would i just leave it lying on the floor?
Thinking myself unworthy of the special gift
Which i think will never last as it might be brief

If I were given wings
Would i keep it a secret and use a diamond padlock
To show it off & yet keep it privy from any mock
Yet my face reflects the daimond's shine
I've decided to spread my wings and fly
But i dunno if I'll come down crashing fine
Or will i be left lying on the ground dry?


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