Saturday, November 06, 2004

i am lost...

i will admit it... i am making a mountain out of a speck of dust... i am making a small thing get into my head... and i feel confused... i'm unsure of myself... i feel melancholy becos of my inability to make small matter small... and big matter big... probably i'll look back to this day and say, look how dumb i was... probably, i'll look back and ask myself y i didn't know wat to choose... maybe i dun have any concrete thing to hold on to except hope and time... for i hope tis is one thing which time will be able to help me out and quickly... u see, i'm a prick... i can't stay on a rainbow and look at its wonders... i see seven colours, but when i do see another colour, i get excited easily even if the colour might jus be an illusion i accidentally conjured up myself... and thinking, hey, there's a new colour in the rain bow... look, look!!! and off i go to only pay attention to the new colour and let 7 other coulrs unnoticed... but new colours are always prettier than the faded colours... i lose the sense of wonder at old things when new things arrive... and sumtimes, the new things never will last... they hardly do... when was the last time u got sumthin new and it lasted longer than the old thing? arghhhhhhh... now will listen to 'so confused'... will be my new theme song... and i should not discard the real 7 colours of the rainbow...


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